Sociology is an academic and applied discipline that studies society and human social interaction. Sociological research ranges from the analysis of short contacts between anonymous individuals on the street to the study of global social processes.  Numerous fields within the discipline focus on how and why people are organized in society, either as individuals or as members of associations, groups, and institutions.  As an academic discipline, sociology is typically considered a social science.

Sociological research provides educators, planners, lawmakers, administrators, developers, business leaders, and people interested in resolving social problems and formulating public policy with rationales for the actions that they take.  Sociology also studies social status and the social structures of society, social change, social movements, and the breakdown of society through crime and revolution.  Seeking to understand how human beings live in and are affected by society, sociology is a key area in advancing human understanding of how to establish a world of peace and harmony.

Completion of the required North Idaho College courses results in an associate degree and meets the general core requirements at all Idaho public universities. The suggested coursework normally fulfills the first half of baccalaureate degree requirements in Sociology.

Sociology faculty at NIC - click on name below to see faculty information and their class/office schedule:

Judy Andreasson

Jacqueline East-Peters

Alan Lamb

James Love

Cathy Matresse

Ula Moody

Tiffany Renner

Maureen Steinel