Tutor Program

What is Peer Tutoring?

Peer tutoring is academic assistance to students having difficulty in a specific course. It is administered by other students (peers) who have already successfully completed that course.

Our goal is to help students develop the skills necessary to become confident and independent learners.

Peer tutors meet one-on-one with SSS program participants for up to two hours a week per subject.

How to Apply for Tutoring

Only active participants in NIC's TRIO SSS Program may apply for our tutoring.

If you are an active TRIO SSS student at NIC, fill out the online Student Availability Schedule for Tutoring, print the completed form, and submit it to NIC's TRIO SSS main office in the Student Union Building , second floor. 

You will be contacted by one of our tutor supervisors to confirm details.

Program Goals

  • Promote independent learning.
  • Provide personalize tutoring to meet the student's learning style.
  • Enhance the student's academic achievement.
  • Support and encourage students throughout the learning process.

Tutor Coordinators

Becky Shaffer, M.Ed.
Program Coordinator

Student Support Service tutors are committed to promoting independent learning and academic success.

To qualify to tutor for SSS, a student must have earned an A or B in the course being tutored. In addition, they must attend a minimum of 10 hours training through our CRLA-certified tutoring program.