Test Proctoring

The center staff may qualify to proctor tests for other institutions but please ask before submitting your proctoring verification paperwork. It is always necessary to show photo ID.

 Non-NIC Students

 NIC Students



Non-NIC Students:

  • A fee of $5 per fifteen minute increment ($20 per hour) is required.  This must be paid upon the completion of the exam.  At this time only cash or check is acceptable (unless your school pays on your behalf).
  • No testing fee is charged for Idaho public colleges . There may be a separate fee associated with special exams; please check with the Testing Center when making an appointment.
  • An appointment should be made in advance for each test during open hours.
  • Personal belongings not required for the exam must be stored in a locker (provided by Testing Center).
  • Testers must abide by any guidelines specified by their instructor.
  • Cell phones and/or other electronic devices are not allowed in the testing room and may not be used as a calculator.

NIC Students Testing Off Campus:

  • Identify and contact proctor in advance of need.
  • Instructor will provide Distance Education Tracking Form with exams sent to proctor.
  • Student should make an appointment with proctor for service whenever possible. (Drop-ins may be turned away or rescheduled.) Please do this within the time frame designated by the instructor.
  • Any fees required by the testing site will be the responsibility of the student.


  •  When proctor approval forms are received by the testing center, they are investigated, approved, and then sent to instructor.
  • Instructors are not obligated to approve of a proctor, even if that proctor has been approved by the NIC Testing Center.
  • Once an instructor approves of a proctor, that instructor should direct further communication to the chosen proctor. 

Forms and Additional Information:

Student Responsibilities
What you need to know when looking for a proctor.

Instructor Guidelines
What you need to know when using an outside proctor.

Proctor Guidelines and Approval Form
What you need to know to be a proctor and the application to get the process started.

Distance Education Tracking Form
NIC instructors attach this to exams intended to be proctored at other institutions.  Please do not use this for the NIC Testing Center.  For NIC exams, use this form instead.

Approved Proctor List
A list of previously approved proctors.