Steps to NIC's Math Placement Assessment 

Step One: Create your ALEKS account (This must be completed before a proctored attempt at a testing center) 

  • Enter the following 10-digit class code: K3KAK-4WCDC
  • Confirm that the course you are attempting to enter is called: “NIC Math Placement Assessment, Summer-Fall 2018”
  • Select the I have never used ALEKS before or I do not have an ALEKS login name option
  • Enter personal information in order to finish creating your account. Please note that you will need to register using your seven digit NIC student ID number including the leading zero (e.g. 012345) and your NIC provided student email address (e.g.
  • Be sure to write down your user name and password! This information is needed to log into your ALEKS account. You will need these later.
  • Complete the “Introduction to ALEKS” tutorial, the short student survey, and the “Tools” tutorial
Step Two: Complete your 1st ALEKS attempt. You have two options unproctored or proctored.

After completing the survey and tools tutorials you will come to a screen that says: "Up Next, Placement Assessment 1" and in smaller letters "Unproctored". From this point there are two options available to you.

Option 1: Take an unproctored attempt for practice before taking the proctored attempt (RECOMMENDED) 

Click the "Get Started" button and take an unproctored attempt at home. This is a practice attempt and does not count toward your college placement. Do NOT get outside help--take this practice attempt as if it was a real attempt. After you complete an unproctored attempt at home a Prep and Learning Module will be created specifically for you to provide even more practice. After completing the unproctored attempt and the Prep and learning Module, make an appointment to take your proctored ALEKS attempt. 

Option 2: Skip the unproctored attempt and take the proctored placement attempt 

If you do not want to take the unproctored attempt for practice first and do the Prep and Learning Modules for even more practice you can skip it. Though this is an option, it is not the recommended option. After completing the tutorials do NOT click on the "Get Started Button" for the unproctored attempt. Log out and close the website and make an appointment for your proctored attempt. After completing the first proctored attempt you will be given access to Prep and Learning Module that you can do on your own at home for practice. You can then take your proctored test a second time, if you chose, in an attempt to place higher.

Step Three: Sign up for an proctored attempt

  • Click select placement assessment from the first dropdown menu and continue to follow the steps
  • Be sure that your scheduled time is at least 2 hours before the Testing Center closes to ensure you have time to complete your assessment. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BEGIN YOUR ASSESSMENT IF YOU SCHEDULE LESS THAN TWO HOURS BEFORE THE TESTING CENTER CLOSES.
  • Please contact the Testing Center if you need to change or cancel your appointment and remember to bring a photo ID with you.
*While the practice attempt is not required, it is a free and easy way to prepare before taking the proctored attempt. Completing the practice attempt and prep and learning module consistently results in higher overall ALEKS scores and, potentially, greater placement options. Students are required, however, to have created their ALEKS account before making and appointment at the Testing Center. Please come prepared.


 * While the practice attempt is not required, it is a free and easy way to prepare before taking the proctured attempt.  Completing the practice attempt and prep and learning module consistently results in higher overall ALEKS score and, potentially, greater placement options.  Students are required to have created their ALEKS account before making an appointment at the Testing Center. Please come prepared. 

* Students are allowed one practice attempt and four proctored attempts.

*Students requiring a proctored assessment outside of the NIC Testing Center or Outreach Centers should call (208) 676 7203 to make special arrangements.


For more information, please read the ALEKS FAQ document.


Questions or concerns about the ALEKS?

NIC Testing Center    (208) 676-7203 or (208) 676-7207
NIC Advising Services  (208) 769-7821
NIC Mathematics Dept  (208) 665-4521