Health Professions  

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NIC Workforce Training Center offers a variety of short term classes to jump-start your career in the health industry. Self-paced online training programs are also available. Choose from a flexible range of course offerings through the NIC Workforce Training Center to enrich your supply of knowledge in the array of health related opportunities.  

CNA Nursing Assistant

Prepare for employment opportunities as a nursing assistant in extended care facilities, hospitals, homecare, and hospice situations. Learn more.

Continuing Education

From training in assisting with medications to CNA continuing education, the courses set forth are designed to enhance the practical knowledge of the caregiver in a variety of client settings. Learn more              

Dental Assisting

Choose from a variety of on site or independent study courses that are designed to provide background and clinical experience in various functions related to dental assisting. Learn more.

Health Careers

Select from a wide range of studies in the field of health professions and emergency services. Browse through the short term class offerings to find a course that fits your interests and career goals. Learn more.

Medical Office

Step forward with your medical office aspirations by choosing a course that is relevant in today's dynamic medical industry through the NIC Workforce Training Center. Learn more.

Veterinary Education 

NIC Workforce Training Center offers a range of training that is relevant in the veterinary industry with a focus on caring for animals, veterinary terminology, and advanced veterinary assisting. See what is new and upcoming in the fascinating area of animal care. Learn more.