Active Clubs

Sample List of Clubs: 

Actors Vagabonds and Such (NIC Drama Club) - Currently inactive 
Contact: Joe Jacoby
Phone: 769-3220
Office: BOS 227
Our Mission is to nurture the passion for the theatre art form in our theatre students and develop the appreciation of theatre in the general student body, to provide high quality instruction for the theatre majors and general student body, to provide experiences that enhance the skills of students so that they can succeed in their goals, to be a resource for local and regional theatre groups, and to provide a resource for faculty , staff and community members who desire theatrical experiences as part of their on-going life education. Come and discover the magical possibilities offered by the theatre. This club is open to anyone interested in theatre!

American Indian Student Alliance
Contact: Evanlene Melting Tallow
Phone: 769.3365
Office: Edminster Student Union Building 003
The purpose of AISA shall be to: form a council representative of American Indian Student leaders and organizations. Coordinate activities and opportunities of interest to American Indian students on campus. Represent the interests of American Indian students at NIC, promote increased awareness of American Indian cultures, and address issues of concern. Develop a model of networking and co-operation among student leaders that creates and promotes professional and tribal networks for the future. Manage fundraising for American Indian activities and events.

Bass Fishing - Currently Inactive
Contact: Trevor Budge
Phone: 625-2343
Office: Aerospace Center 203
The purpose of the Bass Fishing club is to expand the involvement in bass fishing as well as to compete in events. Bass Fishing club will explore the sport of bass fishing by providing the opportunity for students to compete in events. 

Breaking Clays
Contact: Jacob Rothrock
Phone: 769-5941
Office: McLain Hall 113
The North Idaho College Breaking Clays team will be a member of the Scholastic Clay Target Program.  The mission of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation is simple and straight forward.  It is to introduce college students to the clay target sports and to facilitate their continued involvement in the shooting sport. 

Business Professionals of America (BPA)
Contact: Tacey Keylon
Phone: 769-7891
Office: McLain Hall 105
The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, academic, citizenship, and technological skills. The NIC Chapter of BPA focuses on opportunities for leadership, community service, and travel to state and national competitions. All NIC students are welcome to join!

Business and Entrepreneurship
Contact: Christina Edmundson
Phone: 769-3203
Office: Lee-Kildow Hall 227
The purpose of the club is to engage students who are interested in the topic and study of business and entrepreneurship to learn more about the discipline and various occupations. 

Campus Alive in Christ
Contact: Cynthia Nelson
Phone: 769.3489
Office: STR 316
Campus Alive in Christ’s purpose is to enrich the lives of students at NIC by promoting a “Biblical Worldview” through, biblical studies and group dynamics that enhance spiritual growth; cultivating Christian fellowship, fun activities, leadership, and service; being trained and encouraged in sharing the truth and good news of the Gospel; and loving others as Christ loves us. This club provides a place to learn, worship, grow in God and reach others.

Contact: Julie Tiger
Phone: 769-7876 / 771-0362
Office:  LKH 218A
To create a place for students interested in tabletop gaming and related topics including but not limited to role playing, D&D, and LAR Ping. 

Communication Club - Speak Out
Contact: Tracy Struble
Phone: 769-7741
Office: Boswell Hall 216
To turn communication theory into practice.  Also to share this pertinent information with North Idaho College community and the Inland Northwest community at large.

Computer Science and Technology
Contact: Shelley Cobetto 
Phone:   769-3380
Office:   MOL 222
The mission of the Computer Science and Technology club (or CSAT) is to create a social environment where
one can share and expand their knowledge of computer systems and their applications with fellow club members.
This does not mean this is just a club for programmers.  Far from it, since technology spreads throughout nearly every vain of our country and mass media in this modern age it also means that we are interested in many things. Animation, 3D modeling, web design, audio recording, electronics, game design and development are
only a few of the subjects that members of the Computer Science and Technology club discuss and do.

Physics and Engineering
Contact: Chad Ebert
Phone: 676-7144
Office: STR 304
The purpose of this organization shall be to explore the different aspects of the engineering community, including but not limited to, mathematics, physics, and civil, electrical, and mechanical systems. These facets shall be explored through the use of quest speakers, field trips, competitions, and other creative projects (i.e. like constructing a cannon) to spark the student’s interest in the field of engineering and provide a positive learning environment for study and course related homework in addition to providing opportunities with local engineering

English Club
Contact: Audrey Cameron, Jonathan Frey
Phone: 769-7878
Office: FSQ 201
The mission of the English club is to inspire students and the surrounding community to cultivate a deeper appreciation for reading and writing. We will read, and discuss literature to further our understanding of its many intricacies. We aspire to provide a fun atmosphere that will encourage fellowship, learning, and creativity for everyone involved.

Exercise Science Club - Currently Inactive
Contact: Ryan Hayes, Paul Manzardo
Phone: 769-3354
Office: Winton Hall 130
The purpose of Exercise Science club is to improve student health and quality of life at NIC through exercise and collaborative discussion with like-minded individuals about health topics. 
Film Club
Contact: Geoff Carr
Phone: 769-7713
Office: Lee-Kildow Hall 204B
The purpose is to promote an ongoing conversation and interest in the technical, historical and artistic nature of film.  Also to encourage collaboration and educate North Idaho College students about local film resources.  Another goal of the club is to enrich the campus by providing North Idaho College with an enhanced public relations-oriented professionalism in the arena of editing and filming.

Full Spectrum Gaming Club - Currently inactive  
Contact: Dale Eberwein
Phone: 665-4534
Office: PST 112
The purpose of the Gaming Club is to provide an environment where in its members may experience any and all forms of multi-person competitive and non-competitive games, including and not limited to such broadly defined categories as role-playing, board games, card games, dice games, war games and miniature simulations.  The Gaming Club will help find fans of particular games or systems to organize with other such fans.

Gender & Sexuality Alliance Club
Contact: Jon Downing
Phone: 769-7706
Office: Edminster Student Union Building
The purpose of the GSA is to provide the campus and community with education and information to promote understanding of the LGBT community and thereby help to end discrimination or harassment of GSA individuals and groups. A second purpose is to provide LGBT students, their friends, and anyone who supports GSA rights, an opportunity to connect and socialize in a supportive environment. 

Health Professions Club
Contact: Cheri Zao
Phone: 676-7135
Office: Meyer Health and Sciences Building 205
The purpose of the club shall be to better enrich the knowledge of the students pursuing a job in the medical field.

Hospitality Northwest
Contact: Angela White
Phone: 665-4534
Office: Post Hall 110
The purpose of Hospitality Northwest club is to educate students about the hospitality industry and provide opportunities for student engagement with like minded individuals and industry professionals.

Idaho Nursing Student Association
Contact: Monica Ponder
Phone: 769-7767
Office: Meyer Health and Sciences Building 268
INSA (Idaho Nursing Association) is a state-wide organization of nursing students whose mission: “to organize, represent and mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses; convey the standards and ethics of the nursing profession; promote development of the skills that students will need as responsible and accountable members of the nursing profession; advocate for high quality health care; advocate for and contribute to advances in nursing education’ (National Nursing Students Association, 2004).

International Students
Contact: Evanlene Melting Tallow
Phone: 769-3365
Office: Edminster Student Building 003
The purpose of International Student club is to connect students with North Idaho College and our surrounding community by providing opportunities that include cultural exchange, awareness, and inter-cultural activities. We provide an environment that ensures the success of our students and encourages diversity at NIC and North Idaho

Latino Club - Currently inactive
Contact: Scott Estes
Phone: 769-3398
Office: LKH 218C
The NIC Latino Club was formed to celebrate all things Latino. The club is involved in numerous events throughout the year. We host Spanish Language film nights, participate in diversity events, share information tables about Latino culture, Have Concha and Latino food sales, sponsor dance lessons, sponsor a Latino Club Scholarship through the NIC Foundation, Organize trips to Guatemala and have fantastic fiestas and meetings. We've been around for years now, and are a real part of Diversity on our campus. Everyone is Welcome :) Bring Friends! All you need for our club is an appreciation of Latino Culture and you are ready to attend a meeting or an event!

NIC Signers Club
Contact: Jacalyn Marosi
Phone: 769-7715
Office: LKH 204i
The purpose of NIC Signers club is to unite the students of North Idaho College who share the common interest of American Sign language (ASL) and the Deaf community through social, educational, and cultural events.

Outdoor Recreation 
Contact: Paul Chivvis
Phone: 676-7169
Office: Winton Hall 138
The purpose of Outdoor Recreation club is to connect students that enjoy Outdoor Recreation and enable them to maximize their experience at NIC and to provide opportunities in the greater outdoor community. 

Philosophy Club
Contact: John Jenson/Edward Kaitz
Phone: 769-5916
Office: BOS 222
The objectives of the NIC Philosophy club shall be to: Form a representative group of students interested in exploring philosophical issues outside of the classroom. Coordinate and promote activities and opportunities of interest to the group such as student philosophy conferences, debates about contemporary issues, and a speaker series that deals with philosophical issues. Educate students and community about philosophy issues and events in the area. Network with other NIC student clubs, other college philosophy clubs, and community groups in order to better accomplish A-C. 

Phi Theta Kappa
Contact: Kelly Nolan
Phone: 769-3371
Office: Edminster Student Union Building 222A
The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. Phi Theta Kappa offers leadership workshops and interaction with members from other chapters through regional and international conferences. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is by invitation only. To qualify to join Phi Theta Kappa, a GPA of 3.5 with a minimum of 12 credits at the 100 level or higher is required.

PSI Beta - Currently inactive
Contact: Randy Ware
Phone: 769-3417
Location: LKH 220
The purposes of this organization are: a. To serve as a means of national recognition of the student’s early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and to scholastic achievement. b. To provide opportunities to become acquainted with and involved with the larger field of psychology. c. To provide a forum for developing one’s perspective about psychology and for building a sense of community and identity with others in the field. d. To enhance leadership skills and encourage research. e. To provide greater opportunity for student/faculty interaction outside the classroom. f. To benefit the campus and community through programs and services.

Publications Club 
Contact: Geoff Carr
Phone: 769-3389
Office: Siebert Room 203A
The Publications Club is comprised of students and instructors whose primary interests in membership are related to journalism and producing The Sentinel, the student newspaper. The club organizes each semester’s book swap, sponsors who attend workshops, and organizes social functions.

Republicans Club
Contact: John Reese
Phone: (208) 769-3491 / (208) 769-3498
Office: Lee-Kildow Hall 237 / Lee-Kildow Hall 235
The purpose of Republicans Club is to educate college students on the political process, as well as fighting liberal ideologies on college campuses. 

Rugby Club
Contact: Bob Gibson
Phone: 769-755
Office: Molstead Library 216 / Molstead Library 257B
Our purpose is to promote the game of rugby, to compete against other collegiate rugby clubs, to provide an atmosphere promoting friendship and competitiveness, to improve members overall physical fitness, to represent NIC in the spirit of competitiveness and good sportsmanship, to contribute to the betterment of the community through philanthropic efforts!

Sociology Club  
Contact: Maureen Steinel
Phone: 769-3314
Office: LKH 217B
The purpose of this club is to engage students who are interested in the topic of sociology to learn more about the discipline. Members will become current with recent trends and research within the field and engage in academic discourse about the subjects. The focus of the group will be directed toward understanding and addressing social problems in particular. This club will be actively engaged through organized events each semester such as fundraising for local organizations/charities. The club will also partake in organizing or supporting other NIC clubs/committees/ASNIC with campus events.

TRiO Club
Contact: Becky Cochrane
Phone: 769-5990
Office: Edminster Student Union Building 220
The purpose of the TRiO club is to build a campus culture supportive of underrepresented college students particularly those who are first generation and low income.  The TRiO club would like to provide opportunities for TRiO students to engage in leadership activities, develop self-awareness, and improve their communication and interpersonal skills by holding officer positions in the club and participating in club activities.

Young Democrats
Contact: James Love
Phone: 660-8960, 665-2787
Office: Meyer Health and Sciences Building 145,  Lee-Kildow Hall 239
The purpose of Young Democrats is to advocate progressive issues, train the next generation of progressive leaders, and elect democrats. 

Veterans Club  
Contact: Kecia Siegel, Carl George
Phone: 769-3281
Office: LKH Registrar's Office
The purpose of the North Idaho College Veterans Club is to link veterans and their families from all branches of military service; striving to support each other by educating them on VA benefits and local resources both on and off campus. NICVC will create veteran connections that will assist in the transition from military culture to mainstream civilian life.