The purpose of the college Senate is to facilitate shared governance in the affairs of the college. The college Senate shall meet regularly to conduct business on matters of concern to its various constituent organizations. The college Senate is the official voice of the college governance system. The Senate is the vehicle through which the constituent organizations of the college are able to participate in the decision-making process by making recommendations through the president to the board of trustees.
- from the Constitution of the North Idaho College Senate, Article I


Chair – Josh Gittel (Staff) 
Vice Chair – Lisa Kellerman (Faculty)   
Parliamentarian – Jessica DeWitt (Staff) 
Corresponding Secretary – Laura Templeman (Faculty)  
Past Chair – John Trombold (Faculty)   


Jen Erickson,    Term FY2017 – FY2018,
Lisa Kellerman,    Term FY2017 – FY2018,
Karen Ruppel,    Term FY2017 – FY2018,
Carrie Gibson,    Term FY2016 – FY2017,  
Karla Mitchell,    Term FY2016 – FY2017,  
Maureen Steinel,    Term FY2016 – FY2017,
Laura Templeman,    Term FY2016 – FY2017,
John Trombold,    Term FY2016 – FY2017,
Michelle Lippert (Alternate),    Term FY2017,  
Brian Seguin (Alternate),    Term FY2017,


Josh Gittel,    Term FY2017 – FY2018,
Kelly Hopkins,    Term FY2017 - FY2018,
Tammie Iverson,    Term FY2017 - FY2018,
Jacob Rothrock,    Term FY2017 - FY2018,
Krista Brown,    Term FY2016 - FY2017,
Jeff Davis,    Term FY2016 - FY2017,
Jessica DeWitt,    Term FY2016 - FY2017,
Andrea Woempner,    Term FY2016 - FY2017,
Annette Moore (Alternate),    Term FY2016- FY2017,
Cathy Sparks (Alternate),    Term FY2016- FY2017,  


Connor Harris,  
Graham Thompson,  
Brianna Slothower,
Jo Murray (Alternate),