Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2009
Blue Creek Bay - SUB

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:03 p.m. by Heather Erikson, Chair.

Approval of Minutes

Alex Harris moved and Erin Norvell seconded motion to approve the October 8, 2009 meeting minutes.

Introduction of New Employees

Brian Gelnette – Coursebook Buyer, Bookstore – introduced
Carrie Gray, Coursebook Services Asst., Bookstore

Matt Sebby – Student Union Manager introduced himself.

Featured Topic: ABCs of Staff Compensation – Wade Larson

Wade Larson gave a brief history of NIC’s staff compensation as well as explained the current job evaluation project taking place. Here is an overview:

An ad hoc job evaluation committee has been trained and has begun reviewing staff jobs. They are using a new system that allows them to evaluate each job in eight different areas. The process they are using is designed to provide for objective evaluation of each position, but does not include assignment of positions into salary grades. NIC is committed to maintaining a market based system, so while the job evaluation committee is in progress, HR is gathering current market data on benchmark positions. They are also developing a set of recommendations for changes to our compensation system and practices. This will likely result in a grade structure that looks different from the one we have today. Market data will be combined with the job evaluation results to assign positions to grades within the new structure. Updated job descriptions will be created from the JAQs and sent out to the respective managers.

Ultimately, a proposal will go to President’s Cabinet that includes a new compensation structure and practices and an analysis of where current pay is relative to where it should be based on the results of this project. President’s Cabinet will then determine which recommendations will be implemented based on the budget available.

They will communicate the specifics of the new system once these decisions are made. They expect this to occur in the spring, as we anticipate that changes will be implemented on July 1, 2010.


BOT Meeting: Heather Erikson reported on the October Board of Trustees meeting. Agenda items were: 

  • Second Reading – Board Internal Governance Policies
  • First Reading – Instructor Initiated Withdrawal Policy #5.04.02 (Revised)
  • ACTION – Purchase Sale Agreement for Prairie Property
  • FY 2009 External Financial Audit Review
  • 1st Qtr. FY10 Budget Review
  • 2010 Legislative Session Review

SENATE:  Erin Norvell briefly explained the staff’s proposal to amend the membership from 10 faculty and 5 staff to equal representation of 7 faculty and 7 staff. The student membership would stay at 3 students. She also said that the faculty has agreed on the 7 faculty, 7 staff but they want some changes to the bylaws. A Senate ad hoc committee has prepared a revision to the bylaws which will be presented at the November 19th Senate meeting.

MEET & CONFER:  Alex Harris reported that Dr. Bell attended the first Meet and Confer meeting to discuss the outlook for the upcoming year. Meet and Confer staff and faculty members will get together and develop some potential M&C topics and then will survey their respective constituents.

Good of the Order:

Shelley Cobetto reported that the Staff Assembly Food Drive will be combined with ASNIC for the St. ASNIC party in early December. Information will be coming out about the specifics of the food drive.


Adjourned at 12:54 pm. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 10 at 2:00 p.m.