Staff Assembly

August 11, 2011
2:04 pm Call to Order

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the June, 2011 meeting were approved with a motion from Bill McElver, seconded by Chantel Black.

New Employee Introductions:
Sharon Bullock introduced Barb Long, the new Access Specialist at the Center for Educational Access.  Barb then introduced Gina Naccaratto, the new captionist for CEA.  Bill McElver, Manager of Facilities Operations, introduced Jesse Fountain, a new part-time electrician.

Action Item:
Erin Norvell presented the first reading of a proposed amendment to the Staff Assembly Constitution, Section II regarding membership.  The current membership definition states “those working at least ten hours per week and not more than nineteen and a half hours per week, excluding work study and student workers”.  The proposed change will be to removeand not more than nineteen and a half hours per week”.  The reasoning for this change is to include our part-time employees who work over the 19.5 hours per week for four months and then take off one full month.  The motion was made to strike this portion of the membership and the motion passed unanimously.


Update on Dike Road
Garry Stark gave an update on the Dike Road.  The Army Corps of Engineers has deemed that the dike is not strong enough to sustain flooding, and part of the mitigation will include removal of the trees on both sides of the dike.  This issue is out of the college’s hands as the Corps is the agency that makes recommendations for flood insurance, and they have directed that this must be done.  The City of Coeur d’Alene will begin thinning trees this fall.

You will also notice that NIC replaced the outer dock and is in the process of requesting funds for ADA access ramps.

Update on Campus Parking During Construction
Garry Stark gave an update on the street construction.  The first layer of asphalt will be down by next Friday and River Avenue will be open to through traffic by the first day of school.  There will still be about a 2” lip at driveways and cut-outs until the second layer of asphalt is put down in about October. 

There is an updated parking map on the web at

 We should have sufficient parking in spite of the construction.  The City has allowed us to use Robin Hood campground, which is parking lot A on the map. Parking lot B will be open at the end of Military Drive.  Parking lot C has two driveways, one by the Testing Center and one by the LCSC portables.  In addition, the City is allowing NIC students and staff to park in the dirt lot just under the NIC reader board, which is on the east side of Memorial Field.  We will be allowed to park there just until construction is completed.  It is free as long as you have an NIC permit displayed.  Parking has been eliminated on both sides of College Drive, from the SUB to Meyer Health Science Building.  The driveway behind Winton-Post has also been eliminated.  There is no parking on River Avenue.

Construction at the intersection of Northwest Boulevard and Hubbard is scheduled to start on the first day of school, August 22nd, affecting access to the Harbor Center entrance.  To access Harbor Center, you will have to drive down River Avenue and then up Military Drive through lot B, the log yard at the mill site.

Alex Harris suggested that staff may want to park in the outer lots and walk onto campus to free up more spaces for students.  His thought was that staff are here for at least eight hours, and in that time several students may come and go and utilize the closer parking spots.


Call for Committees:
Erin Norvell announced that she would be putting out a call for committees next month so we can have the list to Dr. Bell by the middle of September.  We’ll contact current committee members first and then email a list of vacancies to Staff Assembly.

Good of the Order:
  • The plastic bag drive at the July picnic netted approximately 10,000 bags for the food bank.
  • Lynn Covey announced that ambassadors are needed to take a 30 minute shift answering questions and offering assistance to students on the first two days of classes.  Please contact Lynn Covey if interested.
  • Don’t forget about the Shout-Outs during staff assembly for peer-to-peer recognition.  You can bring them to Staff Assembly or submit to Carol Jones.
  • Just a reminder that the Tobacco-Free campus is designed to be self-policed and informational.  If you observe someone smoking and feel comfortable informing them that the campus is tobacco-free, please do so.  Matt Sebby said that if you are in the Student Union Building and don’t feel comfortable saying something to the smoker yourself, just let him know.
  • Jolie Wenglikowski announced that next Friday the Children’s Center is hosting an open house from 10-11 am and 1-2 pm.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 pm.

Next Staff Assembly Meeting:  Thursday, September 8th at noon in the Blue Creek Bay Room.