Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2011
2:00 Call to Order

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of the May, 2011 meeting were approved.

Ed Corridor Update: Garry Stark said the winning construction bid with the City on the infrastructure came in at 3.7 million, well under projection.  Work this year will include LED street lighting to Hubbard; next year will include the section from the Facilities Office on River to the Bridge Academy.  Pre-construction meeting is at 9 am Friday, with ground-breaking at 2 pm Friday.  River Avenue is closed to through traffic.  The testing center is moving because it is located in the future traffic round-about. 

Campus Moves Update:   Bill McElver Updated us on campus moves, AKA the matrix:

 Testing Center from Timber Hall
 ( 5-23 )
 To Kildow College Skills Center
 Physical Plant from McLain Shop
 (Oct 2010)
 To new shop HWC C
 Outdoor pursuits from Armory/SUB 011
 ( 5-27 )
 To McLain
 Student Activities from SUB 219,220,221
 ( 5-18 )
 To SUB  Basement 011,014,015
 ( 6-13)
 TRIO from Kildow Skills Center 
 (6-1 )
 To SUB 219,220,221
 Center new direction from Siebert 103a,b,c,d&111
 ( 6-6 )
 To Kildow Skills Center
 Help desk & CJ Banks from McLain Shop
 (TBD Mid AUG?)
 To Siebert  111, 103 a,b,c,d
 Graphic design  from 233 Hedlund
 ( 6-20 )
 To River bend Kaniksu
 Post Academy from Hedlund 202,204
 (TBD waiting approval)
 To River bend Kaniksu
 ABE/GED® from 5th & Lakeside
 (TBD waiting for post Academy to move)
 To Hedlund 202, 204
 I-Best from SUB
 ( 6-27 )
 To Hedlund 233
 Carpentry from IA Building
 (January 2012 earliest )
 To South Armory
 Softball Facility from North Armory
 ( January 2012 Earliest )
 To IA Building
 OPRV from Ramsey Building
 (Spring 2012 earliest )
 To North Armory
 Testing Center from Kildow Skills Center
 ( 8-1 tentative )
 To relocated Timber Hall
 Cite from West Hedlund
 (Spring 2012 earliest)Hedlund
 To Hedlund 224
 Drafting from 224 Hedlund 
 ( spring 2012 earliest )
 To West Hedlund

Update on Staff Salary Compensation Structure and ORP Retirement:
Karen Hubbard updated us on the new salary compensation plan.  Our previous plan was a step structure with predictable movement through the range.   The midpoint was step 5, which was reached in 5 years or less.  The new structure is different in that market data is used.  It is designed to be competitive with the external market and internally equitable.  Annual maintenance will include a step for all below the maximum (you must be in your position prior to April 1st).   Structure adjustments are considered annually, with all grades increasing equally based on overall labor market.  We have had a phased implementation with our new salary structure that started on July 1, 2010 which included:

  • Living wage to minimum 11.35/hr
  • Reclass to minimums
  • Internal equity adjustment

In November of 2010 the Board approved the new structure.  Now, with the FY12 staff pay changes, we are fully implementing the remaining changes:

  • All benefitted staff receive a step up
  • 2% increase to structures
  • Part-time wage increase to $8.25/hr minimum and 2% increase for those continuing from FY11
  • The ORP contribution rate is increased to 10.31%, which is a 2.58% increase. This matches PERSI with no additional cost to the college.  ORP is the optional retirement plan for professional staff.

Your grade, step and pay will be on your contract, which will be sent to you by the last week of June. Salary adjustments are effective at the start of the fiscal year contracts.    If you are benefit-eligible, increases will be administered by HR (supervisor does not need to do anything).  For updates to part-time employee wages, managers must put paperwork through to HR.  In July of 2013, another market student will be conducted.  For more information on the staff salary structure, go to the HR webpage home and click on salary structures.

Tobacco-Free Campus
The tobacco-free campus guideline will go into effect as of July 1st.  It is not a policy at this time—there will be a one year test, with an evaluation and consideration to go to policy at that time.  John Martin’s task force was charged with the implementation phase of the tobacco-free guideline.  We are in the process of posting signs on every building college-wide, including our outreach sites.

Senate Update
The last meeting of the year took place.  The disability policy passed and will go to the Board for their June meeting.  New Senate officers:  Joe Jacoby, chair; Jon Totten, Vice-Chair; Audrey Bourne, secretary; Ann Johnston, parliamentarian; Erin Norvell, past-chair.

The college budget passed at the May Board meeting.  Dr. Bell announced her intent to retire in June, 2012.

Good of the Order:

  • There is still room on the faculty/staff 3-day raft trip the weekend of July 23rd.  For information contact Jon Totten at ext. 7809.
  • The Staff Assembly picnic is Thursday, July 14th in place of our June meeting.  Please bring a side dish.  We’ll hand out raffle tickets as you arrive for a chance to win prizes.
  • Alex Harris is organizing a plastic grocery bag drive to help the food bank.  His SUV will be parked at the entrance—the more bags you bring, the more tickets you earn.
  • Garry announced the Ed Corridor ground-breaking is at the Ed Corridor at 2:00 pm this Friday.
  • Sarah Schmelzer wanted to share that Admissions purchased a sign that says “Start Here” if anyone needs to borrow for an event. 

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.

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