Staff Assembly Minutes

September 9, 2011


Call to Order:  12:05 pm

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made to approve the minutes of the August 11, 2011
meeting; motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

New Employee Introductions:  Tom Greene serves as the new Communications and Marketing Specialist now that Stacy Hudson is the Public Information Officer.  Tom is the person now responsible for the Weeksworth and NIC Today.   DeAnn Johnson is the new Advisor for Completion and Transferability and Kylene Lloyd is the new Data and Information Analyst in the Dean of Students Office.

Old Business

Second-Reading of Proposal for Staff Assembly Constitution Amendment:  The current membership definition states “those working at least ten hours per week and not more than nineteen and a half hours per week, excluding work study and student workers”.  The proposed change will be to removeand not more than nineteen and a half hours per week”.  The reasoning for this change is to include our part-time employees who work over the 19.5 hours per week for four months and then take off one full month. 

A motion was made to strike this portion of the membership; motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

New Business
Wellness Your Way:  Wade Larson, HR Director, presented an overview of the changes to the employee wellness program for all benefits eligible employees.  The goal this year is to move from participation to engagement.  Step 1 includes:
  • Choosing your deductible--Employees already had a chance to qualify for the reduced deductible when you and your dependent (EE) completed the online assessment and the tobacco affidavit during the open enrollment period.
  • Do the core requirements--These include the annual wellness exam, attendance at health education sessions that will be offered, and participating and tracking physical activity.
  • Build your own program--You can use several programs to fulfill elective requirements for this year’s wellness incentives.  Details are outlined in the Wellness Calendar and Employee Wellness Guide.  More activities will be announced throughout the year.

To earn money in your HRA account, you need to complete the activity or attend events and submit documentation via “The Form”.  You can email your receipts to  There is a scanner outside of the NIC HR office if you want to utilize that to email your receipts to HR.  The Employee Wellness Program Guide can be found at:

Call for Committees:  Erin will be emailing a list of Committee vacancies to the campus and then forward the completed committee list to Shannon.

Construction/Parking Update:  Bill McElver announced that construction is running close to schedule.  Northwest Boulevard is down to two lanes, so use caution driving.  The second layer of asphalt on River Avenue will be laid by the second week of October, and that will solve the problem of the asphalt not meeting up to the concrete.  Once the roads and sidewalks are done, we will be able to proceed with lights, landscaping and tress.  Parking lots A, B, and C always have empty spots, even on our busiest days.  Signage was added through the log yard, and we contracted with Diamond Parking for two weeks at the start of school to help direct traffic and keep pedestrians safe.

Vehicle Use Agreements:  Carol Jones gave an update on the Vehicle Use Guidelines, which were adopted by the President’s Cabinet on July 1st.   The guidelines apply to all faculty, staff and students who use either a fleet vehicle or their own personal vehicle on college authorized business.  All users must read and sign the acknowledgement of Vehicle Use Guidelines on page 7 and return it to Carol Jones in Resource Management.  Only fleet vehicle drivers are required to complete vehicle safety training, as well as complete page 8 of the guidelines.  Contact Marlette Rawlins or George Myers at x3309 for a schedule of upcoming classes in October.   The Vehicle Use Guidelines can be found at

Good of the Order:
  • If you are interested in participating in this year’s Race for the Cure to help support the Cardinals Against Cancer, contact Lynn Covey. 

Next Staff Assembly Meeting:  Thursday, October 13 at 3:00 pm at Workforce Training.  We will provide a van and driver to WFT; we will be picking people up in front of the SUB at 2:30. 

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.