Staff Assembly Minutes

November 10, 2011

MHS 113


Call to Order:  Noon

Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made and seconded to approve the October minutes.  Motion passed.

Introduction of New Staff: Briana White, the new Senior Administrative Assistant for the POST Academy, was introduced.


Legislative Update—John Martin, Vice President of Communications & Marketing
Vice President Martin discussed the upcoming legislative session which starts the second week of January and continues through March or early April. 

NIC’s most important task in the legislative cycle is to pass the college budget.  The state’s economy is always a factor, and our funding has decreased over the last three years to the 2001 level.  North Idaho College has three sources of funding:

  1. State funding
  2. Tuition & fees
  3. Kootenai County homeowner property taxes

The good news for the 2012 legislative session is that the state is projecting potential for a small surplus, which is a good indicator of no additional cuts to state funding.

Anticipated upcoming legislation issues include:

  • Proposed re-districting of trustees proposed by Frank Henderson of Post Falls for the second year in a row, which would create sub-districts within each taxing district.  NIC will oppose that initiative and lobby to keep our current system.
  • Expect the initiative regarding weapons on campus to re-surface, which proposes that local boards of trustees should not be allowed to restrict people who are permitted to carry weapons on campus.   We can expect the NRA to provide strong backing.  NIC is developing rationale to fight this initiative.  
  • NIC is working to develop potential sources of additional revenue.  One possibility is based on the tuition reimbursement from other counties.  Currently home counties of nonresident students reimburse the college for a maximum of $500/semester, up to a total aggregate reimbursement of $3000 per student   We propose raising the total maximum reimbursement to $6000.
  • We will request capital funding for a new career and technical facility at Workforce Training as well as expansion of the Meyer Health Science Building.

John will be retiring from NIC in January.  Mark Browning, currently the Communications and Legislative Coordinator at the Idaho State Board of Education, has been hired as NIC’s new Vice President of Communications and Marking.



Long-Range Visioning and Planning (Erin Norvell)
The November committee meeting is today and revisions are still being made, with plans for the committee to bring their recommendations to the Board of Trustees for a final decision.  For current updates and to submit your feedback, go to the Long-Range Visioning and Planning home page

St. ASNIC Food Drive (Erin Norvell)
We will again be collecting food donations around campus for the St. ASNIC event on December 7th.  Email updates on drop-off locations will be coming your way.

Construction Updates (Garry Stark)

  • The opening date for the road through the Ed Corridor is next Tuesday with a ribbon cutting ceremony in the log yard by Academic Way. 
  • There will be over 500 new parking spots in the Ed Corridor.
  • The city passed the PUD request with the requirement that 10% of the property is set aside as green space.
  • The sea wall is slated for repairs and a fence will be installed.
  • Paving of the Centennial Trail will start this week.
  • New handicapped parking spots are being added on campus.
  • New ADA ramps are being installed by Molstead Library now.  We have spent a total of $25,000 on ADA access ramps and sidewalk repair around campus.
  • New LED lights have replaced the sodium lights around campus.  The new lights are much brighter and more energy efficient.  The money for the project came from an Avista rebate thanks to the efforts of Bill McElver and his crew.
  • The old boathouse is gone, making way for a new pole building structure.
  • Two new docks have replaced the old NIC docks.   Replacement of the ramps is pending; Sarah Fladeland is working on a grant for ADA accessible docks that will eliminate the steep incline.  
  • Some of the concrete pile leftover from the mill demolition will be recycled to use on new parking lots as needed for Phase 1B.  This has turned out to be a cost savings to NIC, since new crushed concrete would have cost $20/yard.

Board Update (Erin Norvell)
The approval of departmental projects for the 1.8 million in state surplus funds will have a second reading next month.   The monument sign is on hold for now due to design and placement issues.

Employee Day (Erin Norvell)
Employee Day is on February 21st.  We’ll have a keynote speaker in the morning, with the afternoon reserved for department activities.  We are calling for presenters, so contact Erin or Hiedi Schrader with suggestions.

NIC Holiday Party—December 9th

Shout-Out:  Vonnie Kerr recognized Leslie Slinkard and Robin McLeod in Accounts Payable.  Way to go, ladies!

Adjourned:  1:00 pm