Staff Assembly Minutes

June 14, 2012
2:00 pm, Todd Hall


Draft Update of Reduction in Financial Emergency (RIF)
Erin Norvell shared the recent draft revision updating policy #3.02.26 “Staff Reduction Due to Financial Exigency”.  The revision addresses planning for an emergency situation; we want to stress that this is not a current problem but rather a plan if there should be a future need.  The draft lists considerations for a reduction in staff, but is not meant to be a priority list and is not all-inclusive.  Our legal advice regarding the RIF is to have a generalized plan rather than specifics.  These changes are being initiated by employees rather than administration, which is a logical step since it would affect employees.  A suggestion by a staff assembly member was to use bullets rather than numbering the list if we don’t want it to look as if it is a priority list.  We will continue to update you as this goes forward.

Search Committee Updates:
Erin updated the group on the three executive search committees currently in progress.   We have completed the phone interviews for the HR Executive Director search, and on-campus visits are scheduled next week.  The Open Forums are scheduled from 1-2 pm in Meyer Health Science Building; please encourage your coworkers to attend. 

The application process is ongoing for the Vice President for Student Services and Vice President of Instruction.  The plan is to bring VPSS candidates to campus the week of July 9th and VPI candidates on campus the week of July 23rd.

Facilities Operations Updates
Garry Stark gave updates on the following:

  • Sandpoint Center—we have signed a lease on a new building for the Sandpoint Center.  We are currently doing some remodeling; he plan is for the move to take place in August, so that everything is set-up for classes at the start of the semester.
  • Phase 1B of the Ed Corridor will be completed on June 21st; it will be open and operational on that day, and the ribbon cutting is set for the following week.
  • Artwork—the plan for artwork in all three roundabouts is going forward and we’ll update you as we know more.
  • Current projects:  We are currently putting in a new floor in the gym, funded by the Department of Public Works.
  • ABE/GED® is moving to campus on June 20th; their new location is in the 2nd floor of the Hedlund Building where POST was previously located, rooms 202 and 204.
  • Parking—we have utilized Diamond Parking in the past and we plan to expand this contract to include the sale of parking permits online.

In closing, Garry wanted to share that he had met with Joe Dunlap recently and Joe expressed to Garry that he thinks we have a great system of shared governance.

Staff Sabbatical
Alex updated the group on the status of the staff sabbatical policy; it was presented to the board at the May meeting for a first reading; there were many questions by the trustees, and we may change a few words on the procedure to address their concerns.  Alex is hopeful that it will pass at the June board meeting.

Staff Assembly Picnic July 12th
The annual Staff Assembly picnic is scheduled for July 12th; we will supply drinks, hamburgers and hot dogs; side dishes are welcome.  The zip line will be open for use at the picnic.  Please plan on attending.  And…once again we want to help support the food bank by donating your plastic grocery bags at the picnic; plan on filling up Alex and Garry’s vehicles!

To Keira Yetter from Jolie for advocating (to politicians) for NIC’s early childhood education program and early development lab being the key to quality childcare.  Go Keira!

To Karen Hubbard from Nancy Edwards for always being such a steady and knowledgeable HR resource for NIC employees.  You’ll be missed, Karen.  Best wishes to Karen and her family on their move to Seattle!

To Allison Hall at the Help Desk from Garry Stark for her can-do attitude and exemplary work ethic.  Thank you, Allison!

Staff Introductions:
Matt Sebby introduced Joel Akins, who will be working as a full-time custodian at the Student Union Building.  Joel was a previous NIC student and now joins us as an employee.  Welcome, Joel.

Good of the Order
There will be a special meeting of the board of trustees tomorrow, June 15th at 8 am in the Driftwood Bay Room to discuss the budget, tuition and fees.

Meeting Adjourned at 2:40 pm

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