Staff Assembly Minutes

August 9, 2012
2:00 pm, Todd Hall

New Employee Introductions:

  • Graydon Stanley, Vice President for Student Services:  Linda Michal introduced our new Vice President for Student Services, Graydon Stanley.   Graydon’s official start date is August 20th.   Graydon was previously at CSI for 28 years and says he is thrilled at the opportunity to finally join NIC.
  • Katie Marsan,  Alison Koskie and Melissa Milton are new classroom assistants, and Chelsea Kunkle is a floating teacher at the Children’s Center.
  • Angela Harley is a new Customer Services Representative at Workforce Training.


NIC Community Garden
Guest:  Kara Carleton, Director, Community Roots Program
Kara Carleton gave Staff Assembly an overview of their program, which sponsors two projects.  Roots Local Food Share was created to deliver surplus produce from local gardeners and farmers to food assistance facilities, allowing integration of fresh produce into our local emergency food sources.  This year over 29,000 pounds of produce were delivered by volunteers.   Jessica Johanson from NIC is a coordinator with the program if you would like more information, and there are many volunteer opportunities for those who are interested.

Community Supported Agriculture sponsors community “share” gardens.  Last year 464 shareholder boxes were filled; 3,000 pounds of fresh produce was grown on just over one acre, which was enough to feed 50 families.   There has been discussion regarding certifying the gardens as a wildlife habitat.  The Community Gardens have also been used for natural resource education for local school kids. 

The newest Community Roots expansion site is on the NIC campus in the Education Corridor, just past the Fort Ground Grill.  The vision of the Roots programs is to support local agriculture, involve all income levels, decrease “food miles” via bicycle pick-ups and deliveries, preserve farmland, contribute to a healthy aquifer, and maintain biodiversity.

You can help by sponsoring a share or donating your time, skills or materials.  You are welcome to sign-up for the 2013 wait list for a share.  Kara said she hopes NIC’s garden will serve as a respite area for NIC staff.   For more information or to learn about volunteer opportunities:

Phone: (208) 771-3151

Proposal for Staff Assembly Constitution Amendment
Nancy Edwards requested that we consider striking the two references to “and bylaws” from the Staff Assembly constitution, as Nancy’s extensive research has revealed that no bylaws ever existed.  Matt Sebby made a motion to remove the two references to “and bylaws” in the Staff Assembly Constitution; seconded by Jessica Grantham.  Motion passed unanimously.

Committee Assignments for 2012-2013
Nancy Edwards will be emailing current committee members to see which committees will have openings for the upcoming year, and then will be putting out an email call for volunteers.

Staff Sabbatical
Matt Sebby reported that the trustees passed the Staff Sabbatical policy at the June board meeting.  The next step will be for Staff Assembly to request approval to form a committee and then move forward.  We’ll keep you updated.

Food Drive
Garry Stark announced that it recently came to the attention of Staff Assembly members that the Post Falls Food Bank is in desperate need to replenish their shelves.  To address this need, Staff Assembly will be sponsoring a convocation week food drive; stay tuned for email reminders about food donation locations on campus.

Facilities Updates

  • The Ponderay Center will be moving to a new location in downtown Sandpoint in the old Sandpoint High School building.
  • Communications and Marketing has been undergoing some remodeling and will be back in the Sherman Building on September 20.
  • The basement of the SUB has been remodeled to accommodate space for the new Veteran’s coordinator that was recently hired.  In addition, Evanlene Melting-Tallow’s area has expanded; she now has a separate office and the space was expanded to include a Multicultural Student Center.
  • We are currently working on a project to install new boilers on campus, which is a $400,000 DPW project.
  • We will be completing the remodel of the 2nd floor of Molstead in the next couple of weeks.
  • The fountain and plaza behind Lee-Kildow Hall is complete.
  • ABE/GED® is now on campus in a remodeled area on the second floor of the Hedlund Building.
  • The office of Institutional Research has moved to the second floor of Molstead Library, and Ginger Winckler with dual credit is now in Lee-Kildow Hall.

Powder Magazine Update
Mike Halpern, NIC Facilities Director, and his very talented crew have almost completed their renovation project of the historical Fort Sherman Powder Magazine.  There are three original Fort Sherman buildings still standing—the Ft. Sherman Chapel, Fort Sherman Officers’ Quarters, and the Powder Magazine, which are all on the National Register of Historical Places.   NIC started the remodel of the Powder Magazine in 2011.  The first phase was to restore the building back to its original look as closely as possible, removing ceiling tile, sheetrock, linoleum flooring and asbestos.  The brick was cleaned of paint, sandblasted and repaired.  The original trusses, lumber and wood floor have been exposed.   There is a flag with 38 stars, which represents the number of states in the union at the time the Fort Sherman was active.  There is even a miniature replica of an 1841 six pounder cannon; Mike is hopeful this will be replaced by a full-sized cannon (donations can be made through the Foundation).   Eventually displays will be put inside to recognize the history of the Fort, Coeur d’Alene Tribe and North Idaho College.  The second phase is to use the building and grounds as a starting point for the Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s Story Tour, as stated in the original 9 Point Agreement with the tribe.  The Powder Magazine will eventually be open for meeting space and use by students and staff as a place to relax, study, socialize, and have access to the internet.

To Michelle Lewis—thank you for all of your hard work; you’re amazing! (from Hiedi Schrader)

To Adam Mortensen, Rory Blea and Scott Tester—thank you for painting the library; you always have a smile and are ready to lend a hand (from the library ladies).

To Izzy Marquez—you make the Hedlund building sparkle and shine and do it with pride.  You brighten our days.  (from Vonnie Kerr and Vickie Peterson)

Awesome Door Prizes
Three lucky attendees won:

  • A gift certificate for the Fort Ground Grill
  • A gift certificate for the SUB
  • Use of Garry’s golf cart (business use only; some restrictions may apply)

Thank you door prize sponsors for your generous donations!

Good of the Order
Children’s Center Open House is Friday, August 24th at 3:00

Meeting Adjourned at 2:50 pm.