Staff Sabbatical Leave Application

The staff sabbatical leave is available to all benefit-eligible staff members who have been employed continuously at North Idaho College for at least seven (7) years. The signed and completed sabbatical application is due to the employee’s supervising vice president or supervising member of President’s Cabinet by January 20, 2014.

Name__________________________________________ Date_____________________

Department___________________________         Division _________________________
Years of continuous full-time employment at North Idaho College _______

Requested dates of leave:   Beginning:__________________Ending:_______________

Minimum leave time is four weeks with a maximum leave time of 36 weeks (two full semesters)      

  • Leaves up to 18 weeks (one full semester) may be granted at full pay
  • Leaves between 19 weeks and 36 weeks may be granted at half pay



a) The applicant’s up-to-date resume which includes a summary of his/her relevant professional work and activities.

b) A detailed plan of what you propose to do while on sabbatical leave.  This should include:

1.   A one paragraph description of the intended activity
2.  Goals and objectives of the leave
3.  How the project contributes to the mission of the college and benefits the institution
4.  Demonstrated need for new or additional knowledge in the applicant’s field or position
5.  How the project connects to the applicant’s current or future job responsibilities at the institution
6.  Leave timeline
7.  Proposed plan for assessment of how goals and objectives will be met at the completion of the sabbatical
8.  Other as requested by supervising President’s Cabinet member (if needed)

c) Supportive documentation should include:
9.   A completed Leave Impact Form with written endorsement of employee’s performance by direct supervisor.
10. A detailed description from the college, business, or institute of courses, program, or activities applicant is planning to complete.
11. Other as requested by supervising President’s Cabinet member (if needed).

I have reviewed the policy and procedures and agree to the obligations and conditions applicable to Staff Sabbatical Leave as set forth.  My application is attached.  

Applicant’s Signature and Date ______________________________________ ___/___/___ 

Supervisor’s Signature and Date ____________________________ ___/___/____ 

Director’s (if not supervisor) Signature and Date ________________________________ ___/___/____

Vice President’s or President Cabinet Member’s Signature and Date  _______________________________  __/___/___