Staff Assembly Minutes

November 8, 2012
Noon, Blue Creek/Echo Bay Room

Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made to approve the minutes of the October 11, 2012 Staff Assembly meeting; motion was seconded and passed unanimously. 

New Employee Introductions:
William Perry is our new part-time maintenance person. 
Treana Symons is our new full-time custodian for Boswell Hall and the Sherman Building.  Welcome! 

Guest Speaker:  Steve Roberge, Distribution Manager, Waste Management of Idaho
Steve updated Staff Assembly on NIC’s reinstituted recycling program.   Recycling makes sense for both the college and the environment.  Single-stream recycling means you don’t have to sort acceptable items.  It is estimated that by recycling, NIC can decrease its volume of garbage by 50-60%, which translates to an estimated cost savings of approximately $20,000 to $30,000 per year.   The bottom line is that by reducing our volume of garbage, we reduce our landfill use and NIC’s costs, so it is a win-win situation for NIC and the environment.  It’s easy to participate—simply carry your desk-side box to the recycling containers in buildings, and custodial staff will empty the containers outside.  To order a desk-side recycling box you can contact Toni Kirsh at x3413.

Cardinal Copy Center – Steve Tudor
Campus copy orders are now submitted via the NIC portal.   Simply login to the portal; under “bookmarks” click on Cardinal Copy Center—Copy Job Submission.   A red asterisk notates a required field.  Be sure to attach your document to your order.  Your copy job will be completed within 1-2 business days.  Questions?  Contact the Copy Center at  x3225.
Crisis Debriefing Meeting—Garry Stark
Following the September incident in which there was a police presence on campus for several days in an effort to apprehend a student, NIC hosted a debriefing session recently with all involved parties—the Police Department, Sherriff’s Department, and NIC administrators.   The goal of the debriefing was to look at what we did right and what we could improve in the future.  The consensus was that the safety of staff and students on campus was always the highest priority and was never compromised.  In the future, we will attempt to have a better balance of maintaining the integrity of the law enforcement operations while keeping communication flowing from law enforcement to NIC administrators, so that we can release appropriate information in a timely manner.

Employee Day Update – Erin Norvell
Employee Day is February 19th, the day after President’s Day.  There will be no classes until 4:00 pm.  We are planning an opening welcome presentation in the morning, followed by two break-out sessions.  The afternoon is reserved for departmental activities such as internal training or team building.  For now be sure to mark your calendars; more information will be coming out soon.

Reduction in Force (RIF) Policy/Procedure - Garry Stark
The Reduction in Force policy passed the first reading in the senate and will be going back for a second reading.  Minor changes were suggested at the last meeting; if you have any feedback, please contact a Senator ASAP with your comments. 

Staff Sabbatical Update – Nancy Edwards
The Staff Sabbatical forms are on the Staff Assembly web page.  Please consider submitting an application to take advantage of this benefit.  December 14th is the due date to submit completed applications. 

Economic Impact Study – Garry Stark
The Economic Impact Study is online; please familiarize yourself with this resource; it really reinforces NIC’s contributions  to the community.   Stacy Hudson says the Communications and Marketing department has copies available, or you can find the study at

October Board Meeting - Garry Stark
Curley Lawson, the new multicultural and veteran’s advisor, was the focus of Celebrating Success.  Curley shared that he, Evanlene Melting-Tallow and the students are very appreciative of their newly remodeled space in the basement of the SUB.    Jon Mueller and Kevin Jester with Landmark Landscape/Architects West gave a presentation on the history of the Educational Corridor, which was really impressive to see how much that has changed.  You can view the minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings at

Good of the Order:

  • Staff Assembly will again help collect food and donations for the St. ASNIC food baskets starting the week after Thanksgiving.  
  • The Registrar’s office annual turkey drive is going on now.  
  • The NIC Holiday party is on December 14th
  • Professional Development Fund applications are due November 5th; don’t forget there are also PIP funds available.  
  • Please take the time to recognize a coworker for their excellence by nominating them for the Sterling Silver Award.
  • The Business Office is hosting a workshop on payment requests and purchasing on November 12th at 3:00 pm and November 15th at 9:30 am in Todd Hall.

To Matt Sebby in appreciation of all he does for the Student Union from DeAnn Johnson.
To Joel Akins, Custodian in the Student Union Building, for his outstanding work from Matt Sebby.
To Lisa Clark for her work on our IT needs for parking services from Garry Stark.


  • Barb Downey won a gift certificate to the Marketplace
  • Vicki Peterson won a gift certificate to Fort Ground Grill
  • Andreas Burger won a pedicure from Workforce Training Esthetician Program
  • Angela Carter won a facial and paraffin treatment from Workforce Training Esthetician Program

Meeting Adjourned at 1:00 pm.