Staff Assembly Minutes

December 13, 2012
Todd Lecture Hall

Call to Order: 2:00 PM

Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made to approve the minutes of the November 8, 2012 meeting; motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

New Employee Introductions:  Richard King, the new peer tutor coordinator in the College Skills Center, was introduced to the group.  Welcome, Richard!

Guest Speaker Mark Browning - Debriefing of September Police Presence on Campus
Following the September incident in which there was a police presence on campus for several days, NIC hosted a debriefing session recently with all involved parties—the Police Department, Sherriff’s Department, and NIC administrators.  The goal of the debriefing was to look at what transpired and what we could improve in the future.  The consensus was that a communications representative, either Mark or Stacy, would be included in incident communications.  There is a balance in providing appropriate information to keep the campus informed without hindering the investigation. In retrospect, President Dunlap said he wished NIC had provided more information sooner.

You will be seeing an increased focus on safety and security on campus.  We have gone through our crisis communications plan, and Stacy updated the emergency handbook which will be distributed after the holidays.  We are looking at training on the portal.  Mark, Ron Dorn, Alex Harris and Graydon Stanley will be participating in a tabletop exercise of a crisis incident at Kootenai Medical Center next month. 

Guest Speaker Steve Ruppel - Official Employee Photos
At President Dunlap’s request, we are implementing official college employee photos. These photos are required by December 20th; they are for internal campus use only and will not be published externally. They will also be integrated with the One-Card system when that comes on-board. These photos will help us to get to know each other, as well as serve as a security measure. We recently upgraded our Outlook system to integrate the pictures with our email, though you can opt-out of publishing your picture on internal emails.

Guest Speaker Judith George - I-BEST Program
Judith George, Advisor for the I-BEST program, introduced herself as half of the program, with Molly Kreyssler, the I-BEST Coordinator, being the other half. Molly sends her regrets for not being able to attend today. I-BEST started last fall and is now in their last year of grant funding by the Albertson’s Foundation. I-BEST students were able to spend their first year concurrently completing their GED® and enrolled in up to 19 credits of college courses, with a 100% success rate in placing in the appropriate math and English courses for their programs. The I-BEST program promotes completion, retention and persistence, and assists students with every aspect of going to college. They incorporate ATEC job search classes and extend the learning community to include conflict resolution, problem solving, and study groups. I-BEST programs include Machining, Welding, Office Specialist and CNA. Every one of the I-BEST students plan to complete an AAS degree, and our goal is to give them the confidence to do it on their own.

  • Staff Sabbatical (Nancy Edwards)
    We had an information session on November 28th and eight people stopped by. The soft deadline is December 14th; if you need a few extra days, just contact Nancy or Alex. One item we want to clarify is that your 4 week sabbatical does not have to be continuous time off; you could break-up your time off into a staggered schedule to total 160 hours. Nancy also reminded us that you must be employed at NIC for at least seven years to be eligible for the sabbatical.

  • NIC Holiday Party (Garry Stark)
    The NIC holiday party is Friday, December 14th from 1-3 pm in the dining room of the Student Union Building. Please bring canned food donations for the food bank.

  • AED’s (Bill McElver)
    AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) are now in several locations on campus and one at Workforce Training. Linda Michal and Bill recently completed an assessment of additional locations and eight more units are in the works. The new locations of the first four units will be in Lee Hall, Seiter Hall, Molstead Library and Meyer Health Science Building. Four more units will be purchased in the next budget year in July. We will post locations of the AED’s on our website. NIC Security Officer Stuart Wagner is certified in CPR and AED training, and there will be upcoming opportunities for employee training.

  • Update on Professional Development Funds (Erin Norvell)
    The Vice Presidents met last week to award the funds for spring. In the first round of applications last fall, $81,000 was requested; in the second round for spring, $42,000 was requested. In total, $50,000 was awarded in Professional Development funds for fall 2012 and spring 2013. Letters have been sent to applicants notifying them of the funding allocations. The deadline for consideration of fall 2013 funding will be in July. Erin reminded employees that this is a competitive process; requests that demonstrate expectation of significant return of value to the college will have priority. At this time we still have PIP funds remaining; get PIP fund requests in as soon as possible.

  • Employee Day (Erin Norvell)
    Employee Day is scheduled for Tuesday, February 19th, which is the day after the President’s Day holiday. There will be a welcome with a keynote speaker and two morning sessions; the afternoon is reserved for departmental activities to promote team building.  Employee Day activities end at 3:30; this is still a full work day.


  • Board Meeting – Garry Stark
    Garry gave an overview of the November Board of Trustees meeting. Recognizing success included presentations from the GED® and I-BEST programs, There were many accolades for departing trustees Mic Armon and Ron Vieselmeyer. Garry encouraged us to watch the recording of the meeting, especially to hear the parting comments of Mic Armon. New trustees Ron Nilson and Todd Banducci were sworn in. Ken Howard is the new Chair, Judy Meyer is the Vice-Chair, and Christie Wood is the secretary.


  • To Sarah Fladeland from Pat DeSmet for being a super grant coach and mentor.
  • To Jan Pederson from Nancy, Marsha and Staff Assembly for doing a fabulous job putting together over 50 food baskets for St. ASNIC.
  • To Sarah Johnson from Linda Michal and Barb Breitenberg for her stellar efforts supporting our students in the Center for New Directions.
  • To Sheri Hautala from Linda Michal for her outstanding service in Student Health Services.
  • To Pat DeSmet from Linda Michal—congratulations on your Foundation grant!

Raffle Prize Winners:

Ft Ground Grill gift certificate—Kathy Kraus
Garry’s Golf Cart (including safety training)—Richard King

Meeting Adjourned at 2:50 pm.

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