Staff Assembly Minutes

March14, 2013
Driftwood Bay Room, SUB

Call to Order: 2:00 pm

New Employee Introductions:
Sandra Jacquot introduced Daniela Roach, the new Accounts Payable technician in the Business Office.  Daniela is a graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Accounting.  Welcome, Daniela!

Guest Speakers:
Maureen Steinel:  Sustainability Conference
Maureen Steinel, NIC Sociology Instructor, gave us an update on this exciting event.  On March 19th NIC is hosting the University of Idaho Sustainability Conference in the, Edminster Student Union Building.  Students from regional colleges and universities will learn about waste water and solid waste management from a community perspective.  We will also explore career opportunities in sustainability and network with community sustainability professionals.  To register or for more information go to (link removed)

Evanlene Melting Tallow:  American Indian Heritage Week
Evanlene Melting Tallow encouraged everyone to participate the American Indian Heritage week April 8th to 13th.  This is our sixth year of the event, which will showcase elements of traditional, current and future American Indian heritage.  Please check-out the calendar of events for the week which will include storytelling, a Coeur d’Alene Tribal History presentation, an Inter-Tribal Food Fest, and a silent auction to benefit the Che’nshish Scholarship.  The Inter-Tribal Show on Wednesday will feature singer/story teller Jack Gladstone and the Haida Heritage Dance group.  Family night is on Friday and will feature a free craft workshop, as well as free pizza and refreshments.    

Employee Giving Campaign: 
Kathy O’Brien, Faculty Assembly Chair, was gracious enough to visit us, offering Faculty Assembly’s congratulations to Staff Assembly for winning the “friendly” competition to achieve the highest participation rate in the Employee Giving Campaign.  The final tally was 84% participation rate for staff and 82% participation rate for faculty.  Both Garry and Kathy agreed that the important thing they were taking away from the competition was that overall NIC had the highest participation rate in the history of the Employee Giving Campaign, a 42% increase over last year and double from two years ago.  Next year we’ll target a 100% participation rate of employees.

Senate Report—Chantel Black
Chantel updated Staff Assembly on the status of the Reduction in Force (RIF) policy.  The RIF policy was tabled at the last Board of Trustees meeting, and our understanding is that the Trustees intend to re-write the RIF policy from scratch to include all reasons for RIF in the policy such as financial emergency, change in programs, and change in departments.    Senate is seeking the input of Staff Assembly regarding this development.  After some discussion, Staff Assembly requests Senate  to bring this forward to President Dunlap and see if he is willing to speak to the Board of Trustees, asking them to consider involving the senators in this process to incorporate shared governance in the process, taking into consideration their past involvement.

Senate is currently working on the committee restructuring process and feedback gathered from employees to help the college determine how to improve campus committees.  This information will be taken into consideration at next Tuesday’s President’s Cabinet meeting, which is dedicated to reorganizing the campus committee structure. 

Board Meeting Report—Garry Stark
  • Dr. Dunlap congratulated the NIC wrestling team for winning the national championship this season  
  • Dr. Dunlap also announced the college’s first staff sabbatical had been awarded to Garry Stark to allow him to attend a facilities management course.  
  • The college recently entered into an agreement with the Spokane College of English Language for transitioning international students to our campus.
  • We have leased a new facility on Dakota Avenue in Hayden for the Aerospace program.  We also plan to move the OPRV program out there when their current lease expires.  
  • As of March 1st Campus Security is under the direction of Student Services rather than Resource Management.  NIC plans to be more proactive regarding emergency management, and we are currently outfitting 140 classrooms across campus with interior locks for increased security.
  • There was some discussion regarding consideration of a new event center at Riverstone.  The Trustees noted that NIC’s number one priority is the development of a Career and Technical Education facility and other competing capital construction priorities, so this project will only be able to go forward with private funding.

Employee Day Review (Erin Norvell)

2013 marked our 4th year of Employee Day.  Most comments on Employee Day were very positive, but we may look at some changes to Employee Day going forward.

Poverty Simulation April 23rd (Erin Norvell)
One-sixth of Americans and one-fifth of children are currently living at or below the poverty level, which is $22,811/year for a family of four.  This interactive experience is designed to increase our understanding of poverty and I would really encourage your attendance if you can make it.  There is no charge for this event, sponsored by the NIC Diversity Events Committee.  Space is limited; you can register at

Accreditation Visit March 25-27 (Garry Stark)
Our accreditation visit is just around the corner; please show your support for the college by participating in the forums.  You may be asked about how your job ties into the mission of the college.  Please take time to familiarize yourself with the core accreditation themes.

Cardinal Connections March 25th and April 22 (Garry Stark)
This is the previous Popcorn Forum.  The March 25th topic is healthcare changes from Obama Care; the April 22nd topic is how the economy affects us.  Both are in the Student Union Building.

Staff Sabbatical Award (Nancy Edwards)
The first Staff Sabbatical has been awarded to our Staff Assembly Chair, Garry Stark.  Congratulations, Garry!

Election of Officers (Erin Norvell)
We will begin the process of nominating officers for next year in mid-April.  The positions we will be filling include Vice Chair, Secretary, three senators and two alternates.  Please nominate someone or nominate yourself if you are interested in serving as a Staff Assembly Officer.  Watch for upcoming announcements on the portal.

Staff Appreciation Awards (Nancy Edwards)
Nominations for Staff Appreciation awards will be opened up later this month and will be accepted through April 11th.  The four awards are Rising Star, Staff Excellence, Outstanding Service to the College Community and the Staff Excellence Award for part-time employees.  Award descriptions and electronic nominations forms will be located under “Staff Appreciation Awards” at

Voting will close approximately May 1st and announcements will be made on May 17th at the Commencement breakfast.

To Heather Erikson, Evanlene Melting Tallow, Paula Czirr, Curley Lawson and Linda Michal for a “devastatingly effective” Footsteps event on diversity from Erin Norvell

To Stuart Loberg from the Help Desk for getting me up and running when I was dead in the water from Vonnie Kerr.

Good of the Order:
Matt Sebby announced that the “Spring King Fling” was being held tonight in the Lake Coeur d’Alene Room of the SUB.
Derinda Moerer announced the Schuler Concert Choir in Schuler Auditorium at 7:30 pm; admission is free.

Lila Tatum won a gift certificate from the Fort Ground Grill
Vonnie Kerr won an NIC cup
DeAnn Johnson won the use of Garry’s golf cart for a day for campus business use.

Adjourned:  2:50 pm

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