Staff Assembly Minutes

June 11, 2013 at 2 PM
Todd Hall

Call to Order: 2:00 pm

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made and seconded to approve the May
2013 minutes. Motion passed unanimously. 

New Employee Introductions: There were no new employees. 

Guest Speakers:
Sharon Daniels-Bullock: Service Animals
People have told me there are many more dogs on campus. You are not supposed to ask anyone
about their dog. There are many disabilities that service dogs help with. There may be students with psychological disabilities that use service dogs for comfort. Congress clarified that only dogs or miniature horses can be service
animals. On the NIC campus, we only allow dogs. The Department of Justice decided in public areas, people with a service animal should not be questioned. Even though legally, you can ask two questions, 1. Is that a service dog? 2. What does the dog do? you should not ask any questions. Any questions to the person should come from the Center
for Educational Access.  Service animals do not have to be leashed, but they do have to be trained and well
behaved.  Dogs cannot run around, and not listen to their master. If you experience an out of control or hostile dog, call the CEA office. A student can bring their dog to the CEA office to be register, but it is optional. 

Marsha Nead — Cardinal Card
The new Cardinal Card office is in the Student Union Building, in the old Educated Cup spot. It will also serve as an information booth. Summer hours are from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The new cards will issued to employees, and will be used for building access and Cardinal cash. Cardinal cash can be used at the Market and Bookstore. There will be an online process to re-fill cards with cash.  If you have already had your picture taken, your new card can be picked up. Those employees whose cards give them electronic access to buildings were not pre-printed. We recommend you pick up cards before the fall semester starts, so you don’t have to deal with long lines. If your card is lost or stolen, it will be a $20 replacement fee. The future plan is for the new cards to be used for everything from printing services to vending machines! There is also a new process for requesting keys. Please keep in mind; it may take a few days for keys to be issued.  New employees should be directed to get their Cardinal card first. The form and instructions can be found here

Senate Report - Nancy Edwards
Senate is waiting until the August meeting to elect officers. Audry Bourne is the Chair. 

Board Meeting Report - Nancy Edwards
The May 22 meeting had the ROTC for Celebrating Success. The students had their second reading of the Recreation Center. The budget was accepted. 

Biweekly Payroll - Betsy Conery
I just want everyone to know the June payroll is still occurring!  I have had several calls from employees who think we are not getting paid in June. The only thing changed for June, is there will not be any medical expenses deducted. As of July 1 we will move to biweekly payroll, and the new time tracking system. Supervisors and classified nonexempt employees should have attended the training sessions.  Any questions should be directed to your supervisor, Business Offices or Human Resources. 

Wear Red on Fridays - Curly Lawson
The Wear Red campaign is to help promote veterans at NIC. We are working to provide a welcoming and safe place for vets. We currently have approximately 400 vets on campus. The red wrist bands can be picked up in my office, or the Registrars window. We have tried to make it easier for our vets to enroll through our website. They can email me or click a link to get started. If you know any vets that are interested in NIC, please send them to me. I can even come to a local meeting.  I have been working with Kecia Siegel, and I have to say that I can’t believe she has been doing all of this by herself! If you see her in the hallway, you should tell her what a great job she is doing!!

Professional Development Fund - Erin Norvell
Our website has been updated with the new requirements
Anything in yellow is new. The fall deadline is July 31 and spring is Nov 15.  There will be a maximum award of $1,500 per person, per cycle. If there are any funds left we will have a summer deadline of May 25. You have to be employed here one year to be eligible. It is a reimbursement plan, so if you do not turn in your receipts and grades (if applicable) you will not receive a check.  You will receive a letter if you are awarded money, so read it carefully for those deadlines!  You can cancel your request after you are awarded, just email me. Also new this year, is the Commitment to NIC, so if the employee voluntarily leaves NIC before one year after reimbursement, they will have to pay back the funds. These funds do not carry over, so if you make a request for spring, your activities must take place then. Remember it is a competitive process, so you need to sell yourself.

Staff Assembly Picnic - Nancy Edwards
Our annual picnic will be on July 11. We will have a food drive, because sometimes people forget that others are hungry even in the summer months. There will be Karaoke this year, and maybe a traveling trophy!
We will be sending out more information in emails to employees.


Good of the Order
Pam Noah wanted remind everyone  to get you Spokane Indians tickets here
The game is Saturday, June 15 at 6:30 p.m. and it is Yokes Family Feast Night. 

Adjourned: 2:50 pm