Staff Assembly Minutes

September 12, 2013
Echo Bay/Blue Creek Room, SUB

Call to Order: 2:00 pm

New Employee Introductions:

Guest Speakers:
Pat Whitcomb:  Wrestling/We Care Program

For the past 10 years, the wrestling team has been involved with the Shirley Parker Reading Program.  The team was nervous about the community events, but after the first one they were hooked and asking what else are we going to do. Pat thinks the team gets more out of the involvement than the community. It helps to build character, so when they are at nationals they do well. The T-shirt sale is coming soon, shirts are only $10 and 100% of the proceeds go to fighting cancer.  The team also gave out school supplies to over 400 kids, it was a huge success. Riverstone gave them a storefront and people were lining up at 8:30 a.m. for a 10 a.m. start.  The team will also be helping set up the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure here on campus September 22nd.  

Erin Norvell:  Greenlight training & Professional Development Funds
Greenlight is our new Learning Management System. Management Team and the Administrative Assistants
are some of the first groups to try out the new tool. For now, we do not have enough licenses to roll it out to all of our part-time people. If you are a supervisor, you should have Management Training, if not talk to your supervisor
about how to get set up.  When you log in from your MyNIC account it will ask to “verify your credentials”, this
is the same username/password you use to log into your desktop. Anyone can log in and check out the online trainings. If you’re curious-do it. If you have been told to do it-do it! If you have any issues contact Erin. 

Professional Development Funds:
The spring deadline is November 15th, over $67,000 was requested for the; last cycle and around $30,000 was awarded. You can be reimbursed for expense either you or your department pay. It is a competitive process so take your time filling out the application and tell not just why it is important to you, but to the college.  Make sure to let Erin know ASAP if you are awarded money, but will not use it, so it can go back into the pot for someone else. 

Andrea Woempner: Wellness Program
Last year there were 439 participants in the program. 85% of those eligible participated, and over $240,000 was paid out in incentives. Some of the changes this year are: the General Health Assessment and Tobacco Affidavit are part of the Core requirements and the additional Wellness Your Way activities are worth $200 for the fiscal
year.  We are still in negotiations with Bio IQ so the links are not up yet to get the Physician’s Form or to sign-up
for onsite screenings. The employee workout room is upstairs in Post/Winton; it is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  We are hoping to start Tone & Trim in November. The Wellness Your Way booklet is being mailed out soon. If you would like to start a walking group, contact Teresa Henderson.  The Wellness Fair will be October 22nd from 10-2PM. 

Jessica Grantham: Sterling Silver Award.
The Sterling Silver Award Committee meets once a month and goes over any nominations for staff and faculty.  There are two openings on the committee, if you are interested contact Jessica. The webpage can be found from the Employee Resources page. You can submit your nominations right from the website. Encourage everyone to nominate. If you nominate someone, and they are chosen, your name goes into a drawing for $200 at the end
of the year!  If we only receive one nomination for an employee, but if it is a great nomination, they may be
chosen. But it is nice to get several nominations, so you can get your co-workers to go in on it.  Nominations are active for one year. The person chosen each month gets: 
   $100 cash, presented by Numerica Credit Union
   A recognition plaque, provided by NIC
   A copy of the nomination form, provided by NIC
   A campus parking space of recipients choice for one month, provided by NIC
   A $40 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse, provided by Numerica

Carol Jones: Vehicle Guidelines
There is a new button on the portal under the Bookmarks, Vehicle Use Guidelines and Van Safety Training. This will take you to the Vehicle Use Guidelines & Driver Safety webpage.  The rules apply to anyone driving their own vehicle to/from campus business, or driving one of the fleet vehicles. Van drivers  need to complete the Van Safety Training and Quiz. The reservation link is also on this page, but if you are short on time you can call Fleet Services. 48 hours notice is preferred. The age to drive campus vehicles, for now, is still 18 years, PC is discussing a change. 

Pat Murray and Garry Stark: Cardinal Card/Keys requests
Everyone should be switching over to our new Cardinal card. All requests for keys now go through the Cardinal Card office in the SUB. Once you fill out the forms, security will confirm the access you are requesting and your keys will be picked up at the Cardinal Card office. The process takes a few days, so
security can unlock any doors needed until your access is approved. If you request access by a Friday, your keys should be available for pick-up the following Thursday. The forms are on the portal, and will be updated soon, to be more user friendly.

Nancy Edwards: RIF Policy
President Dunlap has taken the RIF policy that was presented to Senate recently and set it aside for now.  He will be working with the constituent leaders on rewriting Policy 4.01Program Evaluation in the next couple of weeks.  The goal is to include language about reduction in force within this policy.

Senate Report—Chantel Black

The Senate is looking forward to the committee restructure. If you have a committee that needs to get
business done, please move forward, but if it can wait, let’s wait until we have more information about the restructure.  President’s Cabinet has reviewed recommendations on which committees should have change/no change/eliminate. 

Board Meeting Report—Nancy Edwards
Nothing to report

Don’t forget to register for the Cardinal’s Against Cancer team for the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure. The 5K Walk/Run will count as a $50 incentive for those in the Wellness Program. The links are on the Wellness portal page. 
There was discussion about changing the times of Staff Assembly, as of now, it will stay at noon and 2 p.m.

To Jim Howerton, From Gary Stark:
Jim was a great employee who always had a wonderful attitude, he would shout across the SUB,
“HEY!!” whenever he saw me. We will miss him

Adjourned: 2:50 pm

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