Staff Assembly Minutes

October 10, 2013
Workforce Training Center
Call to Order: 3:00 pm

New Employee Introductions:
Tim Gerlitz, Director of Center for Educational Access, introduced Lindsey Meyer the new Access Specialist/Staff
Coordinator. Welcome Lindsey! 

Guest Speakers:

Tim Gerlitz, Director CEA:
The CEA office is busy working on developing their SharePoint site in order to mine data and track tends. They
will be streamlining processes, developing training modules for CEA policies, such as, service animals and People First language.  On service animals, staff or students are not supposed to ask the animal’s owner any questions. They can contact the Center for information on guidelines. While it is normal to want to approach an
animal, you should not; they are working and should not be bothered. 

Larry Briggs- Dean of General Studies
Larry comes to NIC after 17 years at EWU. He worked a variety of positions, including teaching American
History.   Larry feels the key goal is to collaborate with faculty and staff to provide the best possible education for
our students. And although Larry’s office is not nearly as decorated as Bob Murray’s, he does have a candy dish, and all are welcome to stop by!

Senate Report—Chantel Black

Both the Children’s Center and Safety Advisory committees were approved. Senate is through the first
reading on accreditation. The RIF policy is officially rejected with the President’s blessing. Two policies are being recommended for removal; the Loyalty Oaths 3.02.13 and Financial Aid 5.03, please review these policies on the NIC website and get any feedback to a senator. 

Board Meeting Report—Nancy Edwards
Celebrating success showed the impact of the Small Business Development Center at the Post Falls Workforce
Training Center, of business in our area. 

Committee Assignments—Nancy Edwards
Since the majority of committees are specific to certain jobs on campus, there was not a great need for
volunteers this year. There may be more openings after the committee restructure is completed. 

Staff Sabbatical—Garry Stark
Gary was able to take Mondays and Fridays off for his sabbatical in order to complete the Facilities Management
course from University of Washington.  The extra time to study was great, Gary got a 4.0 GPA!!  Let your co-workers know, they don’t need to take a huge chunk of time off. You must be at NIC for seven years in order to

Shout Outs: 
To Melissa Mewhinney from Carol Jones for your talent and time devoted to putting our van safety training on the web. It was wonderful to have it easily accessible to all and is snap to use. You are always willing to help, even pest like me! You are awesome

To Dave Stewart from Kelly Hopkins.  Dave stopped to help me with a sick student. He not only fetched a health services nurse, but he also directed traffic when the ambulance arrived. Dave is a
perfect example of NIC teamwork!

To Al Ferris from Kelly Hopkins—Al saw a female student in medical distress. Not only did he stop to help her, he stayed to assist me until the ambulance was called. He went above and beyond during a critical situation!

Good of the order:

  • The Registrar's office will host an open house on Halloween from 1-3 p.m. stop by for some treats
  • The Employee Wellness Fair will be October 22, from 10 am to 2pm upstairs in the SUB. Come by for lots of great information and prizes.
  • Biometric Screenings links are ready to use in the portal. Sign up for onsite screening Oct. 15, 24 or Nov. 6, or print out the Physician's form

    Adjourned: 4:00 pm