Staff Assembly Minutes

November 14, 2013
Echo/Blue Creek Bay SUB

Call to Order: 12:00 pm

New Employee Introductions:
Marie Price, Director for WTC, introduced Christine Sessions, the new Customer Service Rep. and Kym Browning, Conference & Events Coordinator, introduced Alison Cooke, the new Conference & Events Assistant. Welcome Christine and Alison!

Guest Speakers:

Teresa Henderson, Administrative Assistant HR: Tuition Waiver Changes
President’s Cabinet has been discussing updating the tuition waiver program for the past couple of years. Just in the fall 2012 semester 642 credits were waived, of those, only 539 completed. That left 103 credits, at a total $7,931 that the college lost. Some of the main changes to the program are:

  1. Incomplete forms will be returned to the employee, this could impact the processing before the drop for non—payment date
  2. Waivers cover one semester at a time
  3. By accepting the waiver the employee acknowledges that Student Accounts, Registrar’s Office,and Financial Aid will be accessing their student records to verify eligibility. 
  4. Any financial aid will  be applied before the waiver
  5. If classes are during an employees work hours (not including lunch), their manager must sign the waiver. 
  6. Employees are limited to 8 credits, Fall, Spring or Summer
  7. Waivers will cover a class one time. With the exception of PE, music and dance classes may be taken up to four times. 
  8. All classes taken on a waiver must receive a passing grade of C- or better, or they may have their waiver eligibility revoked. 
  9. There is an appeal process, for medical, psychological circumstances/emergencies. Appeals are to be sent to Laura Hill, Executive Director of HR, all determinations are final. 
  10. Dependents will follow IRS guidelines to determine if they are eligible for a waiver(see the waiver forms for details)
  11. Dependents are limited to 12 credits for fall and spring, and 8 credits for summer. 
  12. All waivers must be turned into HR at least two days before the drop for non-payment dates.

Please see the HR portal page, under the Benefits tab for complete information.


Staff Sabbatical—Garry Stark
Gary was able to take Mondays and Fridays off for his sabbatical in order to complete the Facilities Management course from University of Washington.  The extra time to study was great, Gary got a 4.0 GPA!!  Let your co-workers know, they don’t need to take a huge chunk of time off. You must be at NIC for seven years in order to qualify. There will be two information sessions coming up on November 20, at 9:30 a.m. in Echo Bay and December 10, at 1:00 p.m. in Powder Horn Bay. 

Smoke-Free Campus—Garry Stark
As many have noticed, we are not really smoke free, but a tobacco free campus with smoking areas.  The old bus shelter may be moved back to campus soon for a smoking area. One of the concerns was the littering, and we
are trying to control it. 

Chemical Spill Incident—Garry Stark
There was an incident at MHS with a hazardous chemical spill. After Garry walked into the spill to try to help out, it was realized NIC needs to have guidelines in place to protect employees and students. It was also found NIC was lacking some supplies for proper clean-ups. Natural Sciences has many chemicals onsite. Dave Abshere is the
Chemical Hygiene Officer for campus and keeps track to all the hazardous chemicals. Some are hard to get dispose of. Dave and Garry will present to PC next Tuesday about the hazardous chemicals. 

St. ASNIC — Carol Jones
ASNIC will be doing the Tree of Sharing again this year.  All are encouraged to take an ornament off the tree and fill a child’s wish. The tree should be ready next week.  Everyone is also asked to keep in mind when you are doing your thanksgiving shopping, we will be collecting non-perishable food for the food drive.  Cash donations are used to buy turkeys for the baskets. All cash donations are sent to Marsh Nead.  December 10 will be the big party. More information will be coming in the NIC Now. 

North Idaho Violence Prevention Center—Nance Edwards
We are still collecting old cell phones, new underwear and pajamas for women and children. Drop off your donations with Nancy or at the ASNIC office by November 25.  You can also donate all year to their office at 850 N. 4th Street, Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Snow Forecast—Bill McElver
When facilities needs to clear snow, it is important to remember if you are leaving your car on campus overnight or on the weekends, to please park in the marked area in the back library parking lot. If employees have their current cell phone numbers in their MyNIC account, they should receive a text message when the campus will be
closed due to inclement weather. Employees can call facilities at x3413 to report slick areas during regular campus hours. Wearing appropriate shoes and apparel will also help reduce the number of falls.  Please keep in mind when the snow starts falling, the crews can be working very long hours and are trying their best to keep up without having to use snow blowers after 7 a.m. 

Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs—Mindy Patterson
The name  for VP Ron Dorn’s position has been changed to Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs. From the top five candidates four have been invited to campus interviews by President Dunlap. Each candidate will have two forums open to the campus community, please try to attend at least one and submit your
feedback. President Dunlap reads all of the feedback and it is an important part of the process. All of the forums will be announced in the NIC Now. 


Senate Report — Chantel Black
There are two faculty policies and procedures up for first reading, one is Faculty Sabbatical and the other is
Faculty Employment. The other policy and procedure ready for a first reading is the Committee structure. All committee requests are tabled until the Committee policy and procedure are approved. 

Board Meeting Report—Nancy Edwards
Much of the Board Meeting was discussion about the Sports Complex. Consultants were hired to give an assessment about what options there are, and how to manage the facility. The Board will determine if it will move further.  Mark Browning went over the annual Report to the Community.

To Kelly Lyons from Vicki Peterson;  For always, always being so kind, helpful and tolerant during the   Mean
Season of scheduling classes each semester. You are so appreciated by the Sr. Admins

Adjourned: 1:00 pm