Staff Assembly Minutes

December 12, 2013
Echo/Blue Creek Bay SUB
Call to Order: 2:00 pm

New Employee Introductions:
Sandra Jacquot, Assistant Controller, introduced Lynn Seagraves, the new Sr. Payroll Technician.  Nashea Noble, Admissions Tech Specialist , introduced Mindy McAllister, the new Enrollment Coordinator. Pam Claflin, Executive Assistant, introduced Thomas Scott, the new Director of eLearning. Welcome everyone!

Guest Speakers: Pat O'Halloran, Aerospace Coordinator
The new aerospace program is located in Hayden, by the airport. There are many aerospace companies in the area that are looking to expand and need qualified workers. We were created by this need in the community. There was a 3 million dollar grant for us to get started. Our first class is composite materials fabrication. Composites now make up a large majority of airplanes and along with all of the other uses it is a growing field. We started with 39 students, we still have 37. We are creating more curriculums for the program. Even students with one year of education are being snapped up by the industry. We are hoping to add aircraft maintenance in the future. We actually just bought an airplane, it landed at the airport today, a Cessna 310, and we just have to figure out how to get it through the gates and over here!
Even in the down economy, the industry has grown. Parts for Airbus and Boeing are made in this area from Priest River to Airway Heights. When we started in the fall we did not have any classrooms, we begged rooms from the Workforce Training Center. The students were excited to get their own building. Our students got a chance to volunteer with a company to make molds for a hydroplane.
We are shaking up the system, with all of us being new sometimes we didn’t know when we disrupted the system, but we were pretty sure we were not fitting the mold. So we appreciate your patience, none of what has gone on would have been possible without all of the support we received from campus; it has been a wonderful place to work. We have all been impressed how the conversations work around to what is best for the students.
There a multiple certificates students can earn, up to four certificates in one year. We have a one year certificate that is one part of getting into an apprenticeship with Boeing. There are only five schools that have that certificate.
Here is the link to the aerospace website for more information:


Staff Sabbatical - Nancy Edwards
The due date is January 20, 2014. If you have any questions, concerns, or if you are not sure if you qualify, please feel free to give me a call.

Meet and Confer - Matt Sebby
Each year, around this time I come to staff to ask: what do we want this year, what are we looking for, do you have any new ideas or old ideas we can recycle. Looking at the finances, and lower enrollments, we are projected to have fewer resources for us to receive increases. The committee will meet with Joe Dunlap and Laura Hill and have the discussion of where we as a campus are, and where the board is, so we can make a recommendation based on those projections.

Idaho State University (ISU) Tuition Waiver changes - Teresa Henderson
They have put a limit of six credits for spring and fall, and three credits in the summer. Their waivers no longer cover NIC spouses. To get the full program details, got the HR portal site, click on Benefits and Tuition Waivers.  The ISU waiver has a link embedded in the first paragraph.

Time Entry for holidays - Josh Gittel
We have had many questions about entering time for holidays. It is different for classified and professional. If you are professional, and paid by salary, you do not need to enter anything for holidays, only sick, vacation, jury duty, and bereavement. If you are an hourly classified, benefit eligible employee you do need to enter holiday hours. Because your pay is generated on what you enter in the system it is very important that you put in that time. Work with your supervisor concerning how and what to enter as every department has different schedules. An example would be to follow the same schedule you would normally work. This upcoming holiday break, report all official holiday days on the college calendar as “holiday”, unless you are working, then use the “holiday worked” option. Part-time employees are not eligible for holidays, so they just use regular hours if they work. They do not get paid if they do not work. We do have a closure on the calendar, it is not guaranteed every year, so we will create a “closure” option, for classified, benefit eligible, hourly employees to use for the pay periods that have closure hours, such as Christmas Eve and snow days. For example, on Christmas Eve, if you normally work 8 hours, report the first four hours as regular hours, then next four as “Closure”. Same thing if you are taking vacation that day, if you normally work eight hours, use four vacation hours and four closure hours. If you are not scheduled to work that day, you do not need to report any hours.  There are many areas on campus with different schedules, if you are not sure, work with your supervisor. 
Reports: Senate Report - Chantel Black
Senate is very busy this year. We are working on the committee restructure and a couple of faculty policies. We have two new ones, an admissions policy which is just out of date, the weapons policy, so you are aware the President’s Cabinet is submitting it to Senate with a recommendation we make no changes. If you have any questions or concerns ask me or any of the other senators.

Board Meeting Report - Nancy Edwards
The landscapers who designed the Education Corridor came to show the awards they had won. Election of officers was completed, Ken Howard remains Chair, Judy Meyer is Vice Chair and Ron Nilson is Secretary/Treasurer.  The wrestling Mat Room will be  named after John Owen, the wrestling coach for many years.


  • Please nominate your co-workers for the Sterling Silver Awards
  • The facilities office was flooded so we are doing our best to get to everyone’s requests.
  • Thanks to everyone for the St. ASNIC fund raising.  They were able to create 46 baskets and serve 111 children.
  • Staff Assembly will not meet in January.


    Adjourned: 3:00 pm