Staff Assembly Minutes

April 10, 2014
Lake CDA Room, SUB
Call to Order: 2:00 pm

New Employee Introductions:

  • Pat O’Halloran introduced Wayne Cardwell, the new Aerospace Recruiter/Placement Coordinator. 
  • Chantel Black introduced Eric Fenenbock, our new Senior Admissions and Records Specialist for Admissions. 
  • Jeffery Hill introduced Patrick Pace and Kennis Nicholls the new Case Workers for Area Agency on Aging
  • Lila Tatum introduced JT (Jeremy Thompson) the new Accounts Receivable person for Student Accounts.

Guest Speakers: Molly Kreyssler and Judith George, Village Project
The old identity was the I-BEST program for the first three years of our grant. Judith and Molly found the most at risk students in North Idaho and put them in college. These students would typically be in the thirty percent range for persistence and less than a five percent chance of completion. After the first three years, their students came in at eighty-six percent! There were many times it did not feel like that much! NIC was one of the top four schools asked to come back and write another grant. The goal was to use what worked for those at risk students and put it into practice for the general population. Over the next three years they need to reach 500 students. NIC is the only school that bridges faculty and student services. One of the most successful practices was putting students into a cohort. It was easy with the trade students because they were already in a cohort, but we wanted to take that practice to the general population. They will go through their classes together, Math, English, and College Study Skills. They will help each other, support each other, and create study groups to be successful. They are building a safety net for them with peers, College Skills instructor, and other instructors. There will be an early alert process whereby a faculty member or anyone who becomes concerned, they alert us and an intrusive advisor checks on the student. The advisor will have regular contact with the students. Peer mentors will be trained on campus resources and be able to assist them. The new name will be the Village Project, to create a village to assist these students to completion. They need faculty and staff, if anyone is interested they would love to have you. Community referrals are welcome, let them know if you know of any students. They can now help high school graduates.


Resolution- Nancy Edwards
Assembly voted on the below resolution: Passed
North Idaho College
Staff Assembly Meeting
April 10, 2014


This resolution is to propose extending staff senator Chantel Black’s term of office by one year. This fiscal year is Chantel’s second consecutive full term as a senator. If this resolution passes, Chantel will serve as staff senator one additional year for fiscal year 2014-15.

Current College Senate by-laws state the term of office for senators shall be for two years and that senators shall serve no more than two consecutive full terms. They also say that half of the members of the Senate shall be elected in odd years; half, in even years. Currently Staff Assembly is electing three senators in odd years and five senators in even years. By allowing Chantel to continue to serve for one more year, staff would become compliant with Section 2 of Article III of College Senate by-laws stating that half of members should be elected each year.

Chantel has graciously agreed to serve an additional year if this resolution passes.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Jacquot
Staff Senator

Officer Elections- Garry Stark
We have until the 17th to get your nominations in. Garry will call everyone nominated to confirm they will accept. There are several nominees already, if you want to be involved you can enter your own name.

Staff Appreciation Awards- Carol Jones
As of now, we have eight Rising Star, eight Staff Excellence, two for Outstanding Service and zero nominees for Part Time. Please think about your part time employee and co-workers who would qualify.

Benefits and Open Enrollment- Andrea Woempner
The employee Benefits Fair will be April 29 from 10 to 2pm here in the SUB. All of our providers will be there. We still offer Spinning and Strength Training classes. Spinning is Mon, Wed from 12:05 to 12:45p.m. and Fri. 9:05 to 9:45a.m. upstairs in the gym. Strength Training is downstairs in Winton, Tues and Thur. from 12:05 to 12:45p.m. All employees in the Wellness program can earn $5 per class (up to $100), but classes are open to all NIC employees.
Open Enrollment is from May 1- May 30, this year we have a passive enrollment so if you are not making any changes you do not have to login. Your FSA account will still need to be done every year, as it will end. We are still finalizing the rates, there was a six percent increase to the Basic medical plan, and Delta Dental has a seven percent decrease. Packets will be mailed out to homes around the last week of April. The deadline to submit your wellness incentives is May 30. If you have a child who “ages out” of your insurance plan, they should be automatically taken off your insurance. Currently the Basic Life Insurance is $40,000 and it will be increased to $50,000 on July 1. Short and Long Term Disability will also now cover everyone at NIC, even those making over $84,000, those people will see an increase to those rates.

Senate Report—Chantel Black
We are still doing a ton of policy. Last month we heard first readings for primarily HR policies . We don’t have an agenda for next week, at the Board meeting they passed the Committee policy so I am assuming we will be un-tabling some of those committee re-classes.

Board Meeting Report—Nancy Edwards
Celebrating Success was for Footsteps, the interactive exhibit with different topics on social injustice facilitated by Heather Erikson. The dike road was discussed with the city so it was not discussed at the board. They did the second reading on the committee policy and the elimination of the loyalty oath, and second reading of the credit hour policy, all went through. First reading of revised faculty employment, use by employees of facilities and equipment. Head Start had a grant, second reading of the live broadcast of Board meetings, and first reading of faculty sabbatical. Those both were tabled until it was clear what the budget/cost would be.

Good of the Order:

  • A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer will be held April 25 & 26, at the Eagles in downtown CDA to benefit the North Idaho Violence Prevention Center. It is in the spirit of the Vagina Monologues, but very different, writing are from authors, activists, journalists, and the experience they have with violence against women and girls. Some are funny, some are very difficult to hear, but all are true. It is $30 at the door, one hundred percent of proceeds go to the NIVPC. There will be a live and silent auction. Tickets are on Event Bright or contact Erin Norvell in HR. 

  • Please take the survey for employee professional development on the HR portal by April 18th. It is important we get your feedback on what you would like to see in place of Employee Day. Contact Erin Norvell for information 

  • April 22nd is Women’s Day of Dialog, 12-1:30. It is a partially sponsored by the Communication Club and classes along with AAWCC, American Association of Women in Community Colleges which we are trying to form an NIC chapter also. Men are welcome! The keynote is Lita Burns, along with panelist. There will be more info in the NIC Now. Contact Chantel Black for information.


Adjourned: 2:45pm