Staff Assembly Meeting December 10, 2015 at 2:30 pm
MHS 113


Call to Order

Approval of Minutes: November Meeting
New Employee Introductions

Guest Speakers:                                                                                                                                                            Spotlight on Community Relations, Governmental Relations, and Enrollment Services – Mark Browning                    Spotlight on Communications and Marketing – Stacy Hudson   (20 minutes)

PC Update – Ken Wardinsky (10 minutes)
Senate Report– Josh Gittel (10 minutes)
Board Report– Jessica Grantham (10minutes)

Payroll Update - (Josh Gittel) (5minutes)

Good of the Order

Senate Policies:
3.02.19 – Payroll deductions policy (second reading)
3.02.22 – Annual staff performance appraisal policy (second reading)
3.02.22 – Annual staff performance appraisal procedure (second reading) – Bereavement leave policy (second reading) – Bereavement leave procedure elimination (second reading)
3.04.02 – Annual leave policy (second reading)
3.04.04 – Jury duty leave policy (second reading)
3.04.06 – Leave without pay policy (second reading) – Leave without pay for educational purposes
policy elimination (second reading) – Personal leave policy (second reading) – Personal leave procedure elimination (second reading)
3.04.05 – Military leave policy (second reading)
3.04.05 – Military leave procedure (second reading)
3.02.25 – Holiday pay non-exempt employees policy
3.02.12 - Professional consulting policy