Staff Assembly Minutes

November 12, 2015
MHS 113

Call to Order: 2:30 pm
New Employee Introductions:

·Chris Martin, VP of Finance, introduced Erin Norvell as the new Director of Human Resources.

Guest Speakers:
Holly Edwards & Phillip Hagen – Common Read
Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson is the 2016-2017 common read. The book is part of the 2016-2018 diversity common theme which is Racial and Ethnic Diversity Awareness. Bryan Stevenson is a civil rights attorney and co-founder of the Equal Justice Initiative. He has devoted his career to helping people wrongfully accused. Bryan Stevenson will be speaking at WSU Tuesday, December 1st. ASNIC has reserved a bus for any faculty, staff, or students that are interested in attending. If you are interested please email Phillip Hagen at  

A survey is available on the Cardinal Reads website. It’s a 2 minute survey to track participation and opportunities for improvement. The survey will close this spring.

Pat Murray & Gus Wessel – Spotlight on Campus Security
The NIC Security webpage has lots of useful information. The webpage covers everything from the campus trespass list, event logs, to information regarding lost and found items. Take a few moments and browse the webpage.

If an emergency occurs, it’s best to dial 911 first then notify campus security. If someone on campus contacts 911 from a NIC phone, campus security will receive a notification. Make sure to provide the physical address of the building. Security has sheets with all the building addresses listed. Everyone should keep this sheet next to his/her phone.
When dealing with disruptive people, use your best judgment on whom to call first. If you are in a situation where you can’t make the call, have someone do it for you or discretely call and leave the phone off the hook. When in doubt always contact campus security and let them make the determination.

Chris MartinCTE Overview
The new CTE facility is going to be 110,000 square foot horse shoe shaped building next to KTEC that will open August of 2016. The new facility will offer lots of flexibility that the Hedlund building currently does not have. The ends of this building were designed to pop off for continued expansion. The two story building will have a glass entrance. The 1st floor will have specialized lab spaces while the second floor will be classrooms. These lab spaces will allow safe collaboration with other programs. The building will have lots of windows and light. Informal learning spaces will be available for students to hangout and study. There is a large courtyard that will provide a unique space to hold outdoor events. This is going to be an incredible building that will offer opportunities for instruction that we have never had.

Lita BurnsPC Update
Guided Pathways is an important initiative that has been talked about since the
beginning of the academic year. It is the goal to use guided pathways as a framework to provide students a better opportunity for success of completion. Many years community colleges have been about access. Community colleges don’t have a lot of criteria you have to meet to enter the institution. The access point has also been cost of education. Community colleges have done a great job, but have fallen short in competition efforts. NIC is below the national average of completion rates. We are not doing what we would really like to do for students. Students are provided with an overwhelming amount of choices. The college will have to narrow the focus by presenting programs as guided pathways with focus fields. These pathways will allow more flexibility and change. It’s going to take everyone working together to redesign what this is for students.

Josh GittelSenate Report
Second reading for inspection of records, RIF, and alternate schedule policies all passed.

Jessica GranthamBoard Report
The RIF policy was changed into an information item and will be presented as a first reading in the November meeting. A resolution was presented in support of the RIF Policy. The inspection of records an alternate schedules policy were presented and passed the first reading.

All board meetings can be viewed online from the NIC/Board website. Try to attend one board meeting this year,
more staff support is needed.

Jessica GranthamASNIC Thanksgiving Dinner
Volunteers are needed Saturday, November 21st.Community members are also needed to attend.

Jessica DeWittOARS Presenters
OARS presenters are needed. Please contact Jessica DeWitt if you have any questions.

Josh GittelEdge TrainingWeb Time Entry for Managers
Edge training will be provided on the 18th to go over tips and tricks for web time entry for managers.

Betsy Conery Concert Dates
The Boswell Hall Schuler Performing Arts Center is hosting several events. You can view all upcoming events at

Good of the Order:
Shannon GoodrichPresident’s Office
The NIC Holiday Party will be held December 4th from 1-2:30 p.m. in the Ts’elusm Dining Room.

Adjourned: 3:30 pm