Staff Assembly Minutes

December 13, 2015
MHS 113

Call to Order: 2:30 pm


New Employee Introductions:                                                                                                                                     -Samantha Chymiak was introduced as the new Nursing Lab Assistant. 

Guest Speakers:                                                                                                                                                                  Mark Browning – Community & Governmental Relations, and Enrollment Services
There are essentially four different rooms. Communication and Marketing, which falls under Stacy Hudson, Community Relations, Governmental Relations, and Enrollment Services / Recruiting. Enrollment Services / Recruiting has recently moved under this division and what has been discovered is recruiting and actively seeking new students is that it’s about relationship building activity that is fueled with the advertising and branding. Everything is interrelated and they are all a part of each other, which is why all of these divisions live where they currently live.

The college used to employ two different contracts for lobbyist. Those contracts were eliminated about three years ago and it’s all done in house now. The college is saving about $60,000 and that is why the Governmental Relations department was created.

Everyone is a part of this team. When you are out in public and you’re wearing NIC gear, you are representing the college. We are all in!

Stacy Hudson - Communications & Marketing
The first thing this department manages is branding. When you are out in the grocery line and someone knows you work at NIC, that comes with a vision to them of what North Idaho College means and if we have done our job hopefully that means positive things. Controlling the message is all of our job and when we take the logo and do something else with it that impacts the strength of the institution’s brand. We are all here because of North Idaho College. If you feel like you have branding need contact the Communications & Marketing department. There is a branding page under documents located on the portal with templates for you to use. You can also find more resources at

Media Relations is also managed in this department. That includes both the creation of and delivery of press releases to the local media. They are tasked with communicating to external audiences which range anywhere from an elementary student all the way to the mainstream public that they are trying to tailor messaging to all the time. Every media interview and communication that goes through any local or national media needs to be cleared by the Communication and Marketing department. They will then be able to help coach you through the process and make sure the message is appropriate for NIC. With the help of Tom Green the team was able to create a positive story on our Culinary Arts Program. Lots of success came from this story including almost 30,000 site visitors.

Their office also manages the emergency alert system, the Cardinal Contact which allows them to send text messages, e-mails and phone calls to employees and students. They also manage the NICNow which is so important to what we do. You can be informed and engaged about everything that the college is doing.

Action Items:                                                                                                                                                                  Proposed changes to RIF Policy & Procedure
The board has combined policy and procedure. The board usually sets policy and administration sets the procedure. They have now been put together. Faculty assembly has voted on a resolution to ask the board to send it back to senate due to the scope of changes that have been proposed after the workshop.

BOT Conduct Policy
This was e-mailed out to staff, and lots of feedback has been provided that Jessica will pass along to President Dunlap.
If you have any additional feedback, comments, concerns or questions please contact someone from the Staff Assembly Executive Committee or Senate.

Ken WardinskyPC Update
-Maureen and Heather gave their selection for the Common Read and gave an update of the Diversity Council.       -Approved a Foundation Grant request on a Humanities Conference.                                                                           -Position replacements come up all the time. Any new position needs to go to the board, but any position vacancy that just needs to be refilled goes before PC for approval. 
-They discussed the possibility and confirmed another convocation for January.                                                                                                                  
-Ken presented 14 projects totaling $700,000 to be prioritized so when funding does become available they will have a plan.
-Larry Briggs brought in some change to the catalog language. Particularly if you are transferring to NIC and have completed a Bachelor’s degree we should accept general education requirements.
-Had a storm debrief and discussed the emergency communication plan. Discussed how to improve communication and the process in general.
-Mark Browning gave a Media Communications plan update saying that if anyone approaches you, call the communications department before you talk to them.
-Rayelle gave an update on the Capital Campaign. It’s going well but still looking for high dollar donors.
-Spring enrollment and the upcoming budget was discussed.
-PC is excited for IO and is very dedicated and committed. 

Josh GittelSenate Report
3.02.19 the Payroll Deduction policy did pass a second reading for Senate and will go to the board.                                                                                                                                                                               3.04.06 Leave without pay policy has been tabled for additional collaboration and that will go back to senate.

Jessica GranthamBoard Report
Ken Howard is now the board chair, Ron Nilson is the vice chair, and Judy Meyer is still the secretary. The Board Code of conduct policy was presented by Ken Howard.

Josh GittelPayroll Holiday Schedule
Processing payroll early for the break. Monday the 14th is the deadline for the pay period ending on the 13th. One week later on the 21st, there will be another pay period deadline which means you will pre-populate your hours.

Shout-Outs:                                                                                                                                                                              To: Peg Gillespie From: Andy Finney
Peg helped me with nine 10x20 foot backdrop cloths for the TV studio by cropping and trimming them down to 10x15 feet, hemmed all edges and sewed a new rod pocket. You rock girl!!

To: Jessie Fountain From: Andy Finney
I needed to have some metal brackets welded up for use in the TV studio. Jessie in true NIC family style stepped up to the challenge and had them built in a day! Thank you!

Betsy ConeryCommunication and Fine Arts Division
Christmas holiday concert “Sounds of Christmas” is playing on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. There are brochures available that highlight all of the Communication and Fine Arts scheduled events.

Adjourned: 3:30 pm