Staff Assembly Minutes
February 11, 2016
Meyer Health Science
Building, Room 106

Call to Order: Staff Assembly chair Jessica Grantham called the
meeting to order at 2:30 pm. She announced a change to the agenda—Heather Erikson is unable to be at today’s
meeting, so she will update us on Cardinal Sync next month. In addition, we’ll move the PC update ahead of Chris Martin’s presentation as he is coming here directly from another meeting.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Tammie Iverson to approve the minutes of the January 14, 2016 meeting;
motion was seconded by Betsy Conery and passed unanimously.

New Employee Introductions:
-Lisa Kellerman, Reference and Instruction Librarian
-Julie Bailey, Senior Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
Welcome Lisa and Julie!

Guest Speakers:
Employee Giving CampaignPam Noah
We are kicking off our annual February fundraising event, the Employee Giving Campaign. Our 2016 theme is “1,000 Strong”, which reflects our goal of 1,000 donors overall, including employees participating in the campaign. You don’t need to make a monetary donation to participate—you can register your support simply by going to Employee Giving
Campaign bookmark on the NIC portal. Your support is also registered if you purchase a Really Big Raffle ticket. Keep in mind that 100% of your donation goes to your chosen designation; in addition NIC qualifies for the Idaho State tax credit
on your tax return. Employee participation in the Giving Campaign is an important way to demonstrate our support to the community.

PC Update - Rayelle Anderson
During January and February, PC has been involved with Institutional Optimization review, which has provided the campus with a chance to self-evaluate, articulate in writing and have others review those reports. There were 151 reports submitted with 80 campus reviewers, and PC is now reviewing the reports. PC commends all faculty and staff for participating in Institutional Optimization. Rayelle reassured Staff Assembly that the timing of Institutional Optimization with the Trustee’s
review of the Reduction In Force (RIF) policy is only a coincidence. Institutional Optimization will allow us to evaluate our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. On February 22nd there will be an All Employee meeting on Institutional Optimization.

FY17 Budget - Chris Martin
Budget planning is based on our enrollment projection, the Governor’s budget recommendations, potential revenues and planning guidance. For our FY17 budget, we are recommending a planning assumption of a 6% decrease in enrollment. The revenue impact of a 6% decline in enrollment is approximately $750,000. The Governor has recommended a 12 increase for NIC since FY2015, and we will have confirmation of funding from the legislature in March. In past years we had to give back a sizeable portion of our funds to the state for our declining enrollment, however the good news for
FY17 is that there will not be a “clawback”.

Potential revenues include $344,000 in new property on the Kootenai County tax rolls. In our budget
recommendations to the NIC Trustees, we are proposing the following:
-Out of county tuition increased by $1/credit, netting approximately $9,000.
-Tuition increase of $1/credit, which will net approximately $95,000.
-Property tax increase of 1% will net approximately $144,000.

The bottom line of our outlook is very similar year over year. The college is
fiscally healthy. We will continue to prioritize recruitment and retention of students. We are planning for you this year, and our budget recommendation to the Trustees will include step increases for all faculty and staff. Our budget planning principles include incorporation of Institutional Optimization results, identifying areas for increased efficiency, as well as investment and reallocation of resources. We will continue to focus on attrition through open positions and retirements. We
are planning ahead for Guided Pathways, and Institutional Optimization will make us stronger.

Senate Report - Josh Gittel
The proposed policies and procedures that are going to Senate this Thursday include:
Unfortunately due to the timing, we don’t have the recommendations for you. Senators represent their constituents, and we want to bring back the process. Going forward, staff representatives will receive monthly e-mails of policies and procedures
in Senate so we can bring them to you for feedback. If you know of a policy or procedure that needs to be updated, there is a process in place.

Board Report - Jessica Grantham
There was a RIF workshop before the January board meeting. The Trustees have requested feedback from staff regarding bumping, so I will send out a survey to you regarding the RIF policy. Celebrating Success
highlighted a new campus textbook project which will include an interactive component in the classroom and will be piloted in NIC classes. The board passed resolutions for the Dormitory Housing Commission, which will allow the Student Wellness and Recreation Center project to move forward. The personal leave policy is going back to Senate. The meeting also featured a CTE facility update and the JFAC presentation.

Presidential Search Committee Update - Jessica Grantham
-The Presidential Search is underway, and the Presidential Search Committee link is now on the home page of the NIC website.
-Institutional Optimization All Employee Meeting, February 22nd at 9 am

Shout Outs
To Allison Hall from Teresa Henderson
Thank you for putting on the One Note training this week. I am now using it to organize all of my notes and processes. You Rock!

To Evanlene Melting-Tallow from Holly Frome
Thank you for helping Advising Services during Spring Semester start-up when we were short-staffed. Your contagious smile and positive attitude is much appreciated. You are what makes a team!

To the Advising and Career StaffChristina Cox, Kari Hynes, DeAnne Johnson, Gail Laferriere, Karen Glaeser, Erik Fenenbock from Holly Frome
Being short-staffed in the advising office front desk, these people have supported me so much with lunch coverage, among other needs, that I want them all to know how much I appreciate them!

To Bill Semmler from your HR TeamErin, Jett, Andrea, Suzie, Teresa & Julie
Thank you for donating the popcorn machine and chocolate fountain to HR. We appreciate you thinking of them and will
put them to good use.

Good of the Order
-Mica Peak Bookstore is offering employees 20% off “I’m In” gear; watch NIC NOW for coupons.
-NIC Faculty Art Show, March 16-25th in Boswell Hall
-Tsunami Requiem Concert in Schuller Auditorium on March 8th at 7:30 pm; admission is free
-Blackboard LMS demos will be announced over the next two weeks and we encourage you to attend.

Adjourned at 3:30 pm