Staff Assembly Minutes

March 10, 2016
Meyer Health Science Building, Room 106
Call to Order: 2:30 pm

Approval of Minutes:
A motion was made and seconded for the February 2016 meeting; motion passed unanimously.

New Employee Introductions:
Becky Rhoades, Employment Transition Coordinator, ICE Healthcare Partnership, Health Professions Division
Welcome Becky!

Guest Speakers:
Legislative Update – Mark Browning
Mark Browning provided a Legislative update via video. Currently, they are about 60 days in session and a few weeks away from adjournment. Mark gave an update on the community college budget and a few policies. To view the entire update click the following link:

CardinalSync - Heather Erikson
CardinalSync is the new web hosted engagement software. CardinalSync connects people to campus life events and programs at NIC. This software can be used by staff, faculty and students to:  

  • Access the most up-to-date news and events
  • Join ASNIC Clubs as a member
  • Connect with Student Activities Programs: Outdoor Pursuits, Volunteer Programs, ASNIC
  • Student Events, and ASNIC Student Government
  • Customize notifications so you can receive alerts about activities and events
  • Consolidate your academic and extracurricular calendars
  • Track your involvement progress with specific groups

There are currently 48 student driven clubs utilizing this program. Next fall this will be the main communicating mechanism or new students. CardinalSync can be accessed by logging into your MyNIC account and clicking the CardinalSync icon.

PC UpdateGraydon Stanley
Graydon and the ASNIC President Colin Colquhoun recently traveled to Boise to attend the community college luncheon where Colin did an excellent job representing NIC. Graydon congratulated NIC student and Phi Theta Kappa member Ellie Goldman Hilbert who was announced the New Century Scholar. Tim Gerlitz and Mike Baker from Heritage Health will be giving a presentation at the upcoming board meeting on expanding student health services to provide services to our outreach centers. PC has spent a lot of time reviewing Institutional Optimization reports and making recommendations. PC is working on an institutional master plan and will be presenting at the April board meeting. Graydon encouraged all departments and divisions to have Stacy Hudson come and speak about your correspondence and communication to students. Stacy attended the last student services meeting and was able to transform a complicated letter into something that was friendly, inviting and easy to understand. She is currently working with all the student services offices to transform all correspondence.

Senate Report - Josh Gittel
During the last Senate meeting they discussed the distribution of documents to Staff  Assembly and Faculty Assembly.
Monthly emails will be sent out to the assemblies with the policies and procedures in Senate to review and provide feedback. Policies 3.02.12 and 3.08.03 were both tabled for further review. A second reading of policy 3.04.07, will be done at the upcoming meeting. If you have any feedback please contact a Senator.

Board Report - Jessica Grantham
Terry Jones spoke about JAZZ NIC and their outreach and what they are able to do for students. Dr. Dunlap talked about the CTE Capital Campaign. The campaign will be going public on April 11th at 1:00 pm. The board passed the second reading of policy 3.02.22 and approved policies 3.04.02, 3.04.04 and 3.04.05. The first reading of holiday pay went through with recommendations to change some of the verbiage. Chris Martin gave an update on the CTE Facility and Mark Browning gave a legislative update.

Staff Appreciation Awards- Teresa Henderson
Beginning Monday, you can nominate your co-workers for Staff Appreciation Awards. You can nominate staff members for the following:

  • Rising Star Award
  • Staff Excellence Award
  • Part time Staff Excellence Award

The deadline for nominations is April 8th and voting will take place April 18th -29th.

Officer NominationsCarol Jones
Staff Assembly Officer Nominations will begin April 11th.You can nominate anyone or even yourself. The following positions are open:

  • Vice Chair – 3 year term
  • Secretary – 1 year term
  • 4 Senators – 2 year term
  • 2 Senate Alternates - 1 year term

Voting will take place May 2nd through 10th and the new officers will be announced at the May Staff Assembly Meeting.

Good of the Order:
Jessica GranthamBusiness Office
Thank you to all who participated in the Employee Giving Campaign and showing your support to the NIC Foundation. Staff won the competition this year!

Graydon Stanley-Vice President of Student Services
Thank you to Bill McElver, Tim Gerlitz, Justin Van Eaton and Facilities for quickly addressing the projects that needed to be
done in Schuler Performing Arts Center. Another thanks to Bill McElver and the crew for quickly addressing an issue that arose in the Children’s Center kitchen.

Bill SemmlerBookstore Manager
The SUB recently got a refresh except for the bookstore which will begin during spring break. The bookstore will be closed for a few days, but a mini store will be set up in Driftwood Bay. The refresh will be completed by April 11th.

Barbra Downey Health Professions Division
There is a part-time position for a nursing lab assistant that is nineteen hours a week. They are looking for the right fit and willing to train.

Jessica GranthamBusiness Office
The MS walk will be held April 23rd. There is a 1 mile or 5 mile option. If you would like to join the NIC team and participate in the walk, you can earn 250 vitality points for participating. Please email Jessica at if you have any questions.

Adjourned at 3:30 pm