Staff Assembly Minutes

June 9, 2016
Meyer Health Science Building, Room 106
Call to Order: 2:30 pm

Approval of Minutes:
No edits. A motion was made by Julie Bailey and seconded by Tammie Iverson for the May 2016 meeting; motion passed unanimously.

New Employee Introductions: None

Guest Speakers:
Kassie Silvas —New Career & Technical Education Facility update
Kassie Silvas provided an update on the new CTE building project.

  • New facility will house 9 programs: Welding, Machining, Industrial mechanics/ Millwright, Mechatronics, Diesel, Auto tech, CAD, Auto body 
  • Will be able to handle triple the current number of students due to size of the space.
  • Better utilization of lab spaces.
  • Huge tool rooms.
  • Non-credit skills training may also be offered evenings and weekends.
  • Great community partners.
  • Rathdrum Public Works will be moving across the street on Lancaster.
  • Space for Math and English classes
  • Possibility of mini-bookstore and vending machines for food and supplies. Want the students to feel that they are part of the NIC campus.
  • Courtyard and lots of natural light.
  • Move in date is July 5th with classes beginning in August. 
  • Packing has begun.
  • No word yet on what will happen with the Hedlund building after the move.
  • Will still need NIC parking pass for CTE building.
  • Citilink not ready to go to CTE.
  • Lots of photos shown.
  • Open house on September 28th.


  • Will Kassie’s office move there? No, Kassie is staying on NIC campus.
  • Any student services? Jennifer Henage, Annette Griffard and Rayann Bounds will be at this location. They have some student services experience so will be able to provide some assistance in this area. Doug Anderson will also be based in CTE building.
  • Any special recruiting? Hoping news of growth and contact with local business will serve that purpose.
  • Will Aerospace be relocating to CTE? It’s possible but not immediately.

PC Update – Lita Burns

Position Control

  • PC must approve all position replacements. Currently don’t have a great way of tracking this.
  • Not as efficient with staff and faculty as we used to be.
  • Possibly requiring new position requests to be submitted by January or February prior to budget planning.
  • Chris Martin is putting together a position control spreadsheet.
  • Help to provide transparency and to help positions evolve.


  • Everyone on campus needs to become focus on enrollment.
  • Campus enrollment has declined last 3 years.
  • State may be implementing outcomes-based funding model.
  • Current model doesn’t bode well for community colleges; based on completion.
  • 4-year schools have great capacity to show completions.
  • Must advocate for a different definition of completion.

FY18 Department of Public Works requests

  • Primary request – remodel, refurbish, upgrade of Hedlund building

Identity Management

  • Has to do with IT access.
  • Possible changes to security


  • Tammie: Will replacement of vacated positions be effected by position control changes. Yes.

Senate Report - Josh Gittel
No meeting since last Staff assembly meeting.

Board Report – Teresa Henderson

  • RIF policy passed 
  • Budget passed
  • Nilson spoke about personal leave policy. Lita corrected some misunderstandings.
  • Nilson hasn’t yet submitted official resignation.


  • Retirement party for Joe Dunlap
    Thursday, June 23 @ 4:00. RSVP to Shannon.

  • Staff Assembly picnic
    July 21, 11:30-1:00

Good of the Order:

Shout Outs

Adjourned at 3:30 pm