Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2017
Meyer Health Science Building, Room 106
Call to Order: 2:30 pm

Approval of Minutes:
Edits - change I’m IN recipient from Steve Tudor to George McAlister. A motion was made and seconded for the December 8, 2106 meeting minutes to be approved as amended; motion passed unanimously.

New Employee Introductions: None

PC Update: Chris Martin
Gave us an update on the following topics:

  • President’s Cabinet is working on planning; both institutional and facilities
  • Student enrollment and retention is also a concern
  • Improving our services to students is a priority; we should all take the time to make sure we are providing excellent customer service, even if you work in a department that does not serve students. It is important to remember this is the first time many of our students have been on campus, or attended a college class and they may need some extra assistance.
  • The NIC budget is in good order and some PC members will be traveling to Boise soon for JFAC.

Senate Report: Josh Gittel

  • Still working on IT policies
  • Senators were assigned to groups to go over 2-3 policies each.
  • New business; ASNIC is requesting that a new committee is formed. The Student Fees Advisory Board committee would review student fees every year.
  • Two meeting are set up for January to help get through the IT policies

Guest Speakers:

Larry Briggs, Dean of General Studies
Guided Pathways (GP) is a comprehensive approach to increase student access to college and support their path to completion. The four components of GP are program structure, intake and student supports, instruction, and developmental education. Community colleges across the country did a great job at increasing access to college, but they were not set up to ensure students completed the programs they wanted to pursue. Eighty percent of students entering community colleges hope to achieve a bachelor’s degree, but after 6 years, fewer than fifteen percent have done so.  Idaho is at the bottom of national studies for high school students continuing on to college. NIC has around 44 transfer degree programs but only three of those have more than 20 graduates. Some programs do not have any graduates, not because they are bad programs, much of the reason is structural problems.  One of reasons students choose NIC is because of the low cost, but if it takes them longer than two years, or they accumulate credits that do not go towards their degree, the cost benefit is diluted.

The goals of GP is to significantly increase completion so students are achieving their goals. How will this work? We are drawing on the talent here at NIC. We have invited employees from many different departments to be part of a core team. The work will revolve around the four previously mentioned components. Mapping is important, especially to first generation college students. We need to make it easier to see the path to completion. Gateway courses are early indicators of student success. If someone is interested in a business degree but does not do well in some of those classes, they may need to be shown other options. Milestone courses indicate meaningful progress toward completion. Everyone needs small milestones along the way to see their progress. Many colleges across the county have started to use Guided Pathways and seen success. The next steps are to develop a timeline and increase collaboration with the NIC campus, K-12, businesses, and our university partners. Focus fields will be used group similar programs together to improve lateral movement between them. We must also integrate support systems like, technology, advising, career planning, financial aid, communication, and facilities.

Board Report- Teresa Henderson
Celebrating Success – Outdoor Pursuits, Jacob Rothrock – Coordinator Outdoor Pursuits.
Students and employees can learn how to tune snow skis and snowboards
The general public can also rent equipment
The bike share program is a success
Winter activities include avalanche safety, backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing,
snow shoeing.

Celebrating Success - Fall Athletics – Al Williams, Athletic Director
All sports are now in the NWAC (Northwest Athletic Conference)
NIC still has All-American student athletes since moving to the NWAC

Collaborative Use Facility – There was much discussion about the site of the new two-story
building. The building will be used by NIC, LCSC, and U of I. The board
discussed putting the building at the site of the current testing center and
copy center. The board requested the architect come back with the cost to add a
third story.

Committee Reports - none

I’M In Award/Stacy Hudson
Sabrina Primmer, Sr. Administrative Assistant for the ICE

Shout Outs
Facilities snow removal crews from Annette Moore and Carol Jones

Good of the Order
Adjourned at 3:30 pm