North Idaho College

Staff Professional Development

In April of 2001, NIC’s Board of Trustees approved the Staff Professional Improvement Policy. This policy formalizes the College’s support for the professional growth and development of its staff through the use of a professional improvement plan (PIP) and reimbursement for the cost of eligible development expenses via the Staff PIP Funds process. The intent of this support is to help staff perform their current work with more efficiency and effectiveness, and to encourage the systematic planning of professional goals.



Employees eligible for fund reimbursement through the PIP funds process must be employed in a benefit-eligible, non-faculty position continuously for at least one year. 


REQUIRED FORM - one form, two versions


To view the Staff Professional Improvement policy and procedure visit the NIC Policy Manual and see policy #3.10


The Staff PIP process and Staff PIP Funds management is handled by the NIC Human Resources office. For questions please contact:

Erin Norvell
Employment and Training Coordinator
NIC Human Resources
Sherman Building, Room 108
(208) 676-7211 or