Transcript Frequently Asked Questions

Will I benefit by transcripting these college credits?
Please consider whether you will directly benefit before you record your articulated classes on a college transcript.

If you are planning to enter or have been accepted in the same college technical program as you earned your credit, you need to transcript the credit immediately after graduation.

If you are planning to enter or have been accepted in a different college technical program, talk to your advisor to learn if the program has electives. If so, you may be able to use the credits for elective classes.

If you are planning to enter or have been accepted at a four year university, talk to your advisor to learn if the classes will meet elective requirements.

How do I see what courses I am eligible to transcript and check my grades?
Go to and log in using the student account you created when registering for Technical Competency Credit. If you don't remember your user name or password, use the Login Assistant. You'll need to know your name, high school, birth date and social security number (or ID number you used).

Once you log in, you will see the list of courses in which you registered. If you received a B- or higher, you will see 'Credit Recommended' in the Status column. Courses that you did not receive a B- or higher will not have a recommendation in the Status column. Click on View Class History to see your numeric grades. The corresponding letter grades are as follows: A 93% - 100%; A- 90% - 92%; B+ 87% - 89%; B 83% -86%; B- 80% - 82%.

How do I transcript Technical Competency Credit?
After the semester ends, your high school instructor will post your grades. A transcript form and instructions will be sent to parents of Technical Competency students who earned B- or higher. If you lose the transcript form, you can print this form, then send it to the Technical Competency office along with a check for the transcription fee. There is a $10 per credit fee, however there is no Admission application fee for Technical Competency students who wish to transcript their credits. If you are eligible to transcript 6 North Idaho College credits, include a check for $60. Click here for more information regarding credit transcription.

You will have two years after graduation to transcript your Technical Competency credits.

To whom do I send my application and transcript fees?
North Idaho College Post Secondary Transition Coordinator, 1000 W Garden - Hedlund 147A, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814.

I'm not planning to attend North Idaho College. Will the college of my choice accept these credits?
Check with the receiving college for their policy on transfer credits. It is always up to the receiving college to determine if transfer credit is accepted and applied to program requirements or electives.

Once my credits are transcripted what steps do I need to take to send an official North Idaho College transcript to another college?
Requests for an official transcript must be made in writing. Please follow the instructions from the Registrar's office, found on the NIC website: NIC Registrar's Office

I took articulated Technical Competency courses at a high school that has an articulation agreement with another college. How do I get those courses listed on my North Idaho College transcript?
North Idaho College cannot transcript credits from an articulation agreement with another college but will accept transfer credit from another college. Please follow the process to transcript your Technical Competency credit with the other college, then send an official transcript to NIC.

Will my technical credits apply to a transfer program or my major at the university I plan to attend?
Please check with your college advisor to learn if your technical credits can be accepted in lieu of elective courses in your major.

Will my technical credits apply to a different technical program?
It is possible that your Computer Applications - Office Technology courses may apply to a different technical program, check with your college advisor to learn more. However, many technical programs do not have elective courses, again check with your college advisor or the college website to learn more about program requirements: North Idaho College - Instructional programs

I didn't register for articulated Technical Competency credit when I was in high school, may I still transcript college credit? Only students who register for credit while enrolled in an articulated Technical Competency high school class are eligible for college credit. Most high school articulated Technical Competency courses go above and beyond the standard high school curriculum, grades are awarded for successful completion of the college curriculum. Additionally, there is not a one to one equivalency for articulated Technical Competency credit . Students likely will complete a full year of study to be eligible for most college credit, however the sequence varies by program and high school.

Students must be accepted into a valid articulated Technical Competency course by their high school instructor, and receive a B- or higher to earn Technical Competency credit.

I'm a freshman (or sophomore). Am I eligible for Technical Competency credit?
Not while you are a freshman or sophomore. Students must be halfway through their high school career before they earn North Idaho College credit. You may be able to capture credit for coursework taken as a freshman or sophomore IF you go on to a more advanced course as a junior or senior. Sequences vary by program and high school, so talk to your Career and Technical instructor or high school counselor to determine the best sequence for you to take.

How much time do I have to transcript my credits after I graduate from high school?
You must transcript immediately after graduation if you have been accepted in the same technical program at North Idaho College. If you aren't entering the same technical program, you have two years after high school graduation to transcript your articulated Technical Competency credits. 2014 graduates must transcript credit by June 1, 2016 or the credit is lost.

What is an articulation agreement?
It is an agreement between North Idaho College (or another technical college) and an high school to award college credit for high school courses which are considered to be an equivalent to a college course. Generally, high school students must take more than one high school class in order to earn articulated Technical Competency credit.

Why do Technical Competency credits cost $10 per credit, while Dual Credit costs $65 per credit?
Technical Competency courses are high school courses, taught by high school instructors. The courses are considered to be an equivalent to a college course but are not college courses. Dual credit courses are college courses taught by college faculty, either in the high school or on campus.