How to Transcript

At the end of the semester and school year you will receive a transcript form in the mail if you are eligible for North Idaho College credit. If you lost your form, please download this application. There is no application fee for Tech Prep students to transcript credit. The application is required even if you have already applied for admission or are a dual credit student. and is specifically intended for transcripting Tech Prep credit. If you are under 18, your parent must sign the application.

There is a $10 per credit transcription fee, you may transcript classes with a grade of B- or better. Check your grades here. Use the Log-In Assistant if you don't remember your user name and password. North Idaho College transcripts a letter grade that corresponds with the numeric grade earned.

A 93 - 100%
A- 90 - 92%
B+ 87 - 89%
B 83 - 86%
B- 80 - 82%

Auto Technology grades:

A 96-100
A- 93-95
B+ 90-92
B 86-89
B- 83-85

College staff will verify your grades, then will add the classes to your official college transcript. You have up to two years from graduation to record your high school Tech Prep classes on an official college transcript, however it is recommended that you do so immediately.

If you have been accepted into the same North Idaho College program as your high school articulated/Tech Prep credit has been earned, send in your transcript form and payment by July 15th. For example, you earned credit for your high school Culinary Arts class and you’ve been accepted in the Culinary Arts program. This is especially important because the credit you earned is a program pre-requisite class or a first semester program requirement. You will need to have your credit transcripted by July 15th or you will have to take the class(es) on campus - - and you will pay tuition for that class instead of the $10 per credit fee. You have up to two years from
graduation to record your credit on an official college transcript if you are not going in to the same technical program.

Please keep in mind that successful completion of high school Tech Prep classes does not guarantee acceptance into certain classes or programs. Make sure you are aware of the admission requirements of the specific program you wish to enter. Some programs at NIC have limited enrollment or a selective admissions process. You can find that information in the North Idaho College catalog or online at

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are a senior and plan to enter a limited or selective enrollment program please contact Career and Technical Student Services at (208) 769-3448 to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. Tell the advisor that you are a Tech Prep student.

If you decide to attend another college, contact that college for information regarding their policy on accepting transfer credits. It is up to the receiving school to decide if the credits will be applied to your program requirements or as electives. There is an additional step to take to have your official transcript sent to another college. After you submit an application to NIC and the credits are transcripted, follow this link for a Transcript Request Form. You will find detailed instructions on that page. All official transcript requests must be made in writing. There is a charge to have your official North Idaho College transcript sent to another college.

For more information contact North Idaho College Admissions (208) 769-3311, Registrar's office (208) 769-3320 or Evan Moore, PTE Transition Coordinator (208) 769-5964.

Send your application to the Technical Competency Credit office.

North Idaho College Technical Competency Credit
1000 W. Garden
Lee-Kildow Hall 101
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Official transcript requests must go to the office of the Registrar

North Idaho College Registrar's Office
1000 W. Garden
Lee-Kildow Hall
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814