NIC COVID-19 Dashboard

Welcome to the NIC COVID-19 Dashboard, where you will find timely information regarding positive cases of COVID-19 self-reported by NIC students and employees. You will also find information about community spread and COVID-19 cases occurring throughout the region.

NIC is committed to reporting the number of student and employee cases, whether or not those individuals were on campus or in any of our various facilities/ buildings, which is the case with some students who are starting the academic year remotely.

We intend to keep this dashboard as up to date as possible, based on the timing of data shared.

Self-reported Positive Test Results

Information provided by the NIC Student Monitoring and Support Team and the NIC Office of Human Resources.
Status as of Jun. 21, 8:00 am

Positive Cases This Week

Self-reported since
Sunday, Jul. 25

Students - 0

Employees - 0

Positive Cases Last Week

Self-reported from
Jul. 18 to Jul. 24

Students - 0

Employees - 0

Total Positive Cases

Self-reported since

Students - 258

Employees - 75


Anyone who had close contact with any of the above cases received a notification.

Faculty, staff, and students may also receive preventative reminder communications as we continue to educate the campus community about our health and safety protocols.

NIC's information-sharing and contact tracing processes are unique to each situation with the primary focus of personalized, timely contact with those individuals who had close contact and may have been exposed. When there is a need for wider-reaching communication, a collegewide email will be initiated.

Reporting positive test results or close contacts at NIC

What is "close contact?"

Community Spread




Current Kootenai Health Hospital Status as of 7/28/2021, 8 a.m.

  • Total Number of COVID-19 Inpatients: 28
  • Number of COVID-19 Patients Requiring Critical Care: 10

Kootenai Health COVID-19 Patient Status