General Education Framework at NIC

North Idaho College has a proud heritage of seeking to provide all students with learning experiences to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for productive and meaningful lives and to be contributing members of society. Historically, these learning experiences have been expressed as a framework of nine abilities:

1. Critical/Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
2. Communication
3. Mathematical, Scientific, and Symbolic Reasoning
4. Historical, Cultural, Environmental, and Global Awareness
5. Aesthetic Response
6. Social Responsibility/Citizenship
7. Information Literacy
8. Valuing/Ethical Reasoning
9. Wellness

Effective fall 2015, the college has a new framework for general education that has drawn from and embeds the nine abilities. NIC has adopted the principles and requirements outlined in Idaho's Statewide General Education (Policy III N). NIC's faculty met with colleagues from across the disciplines at each of the two-and four-year higher education institutions in Idaho to write competencies in six areas of general education. These are Written Communication, Oral Communication, Mathematical Ways of Knowing, Scientific Ways of Knowing, Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing, and Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing.

These competencies will be the basis for assessing our general education program. The courses listed under each of these areas represent the thoughtfully considered review by faculty of the content and learning outcomes for the general education core at NIC. In addition, NIC has established requirements for integrative inquiry and wellness that together with the programs we offer reflect the college's commitment to preparing citizens in the 21st century. NIC students will thereby have the benefit of an education that is shaped by our mission and values as a comprehensive community college.