Constitution of Staff Assembly,
 North Idaho College

I. Mission

Staff Assembly is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of North Idaho College by enabling student success, teaching excellence, and lifelong learning. As an organization we are dedicated to promoting the welfare of our members, increasing our professional effectiveness, actively participating in the college governance process, and openly communicating the essential nature of our contribution to the College.

II. Membership

Staff Assembly membership consists of North Idaho College employees who hold a current Category II, IV, V, or VI contract or letter of appointment, and those working at least ten hours per week, excluding work study and student workers, with North Idaho College as defined by the Board of Trustees policy manual.

III. Officers and Representatives

A. Officers

An organization Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary will be elected from the voting membership in April of each year. Results will be announced at the May meeting with officers beginning their one year term each June.

1. The Chair will preside at all meetings of Staff Assembly. He or she will officially represent Staff Assembly in interactions with the community, Board of Trustees, College President, President's Cabinet, Faculty Assembly and other college groups. He or she will maintain open lines of communication.

2. The Vice Chair will assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chair in the event of absence or disability of the Chair, and perform other duties as assigned. The Vice Chair becomes the Chair the following year.

3. The Secretary will prepare meeting agendas and items for consideration, maintain accurate records of all Staff Assembly meetings, and distribute copies of meeting agendas and minutes in a timely fashion to all Staff Assembly members. Copies of meeting minutes will be housed in the College Library. The Secretary will provide other correspondence as needed.

4. If the Chair ceases to be employed at North Idaho College or becomes unable to fulfill the duties of office, the Vice Chair will assume the position of Chair and serve the remainder of that term. Vacated terms of office by the Vice Chair or Secretary will be filled through election from the voting membership.

5. Duties of officers will be defined in Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, unless otherwise specified in the constitution.

6. Any officer or representative may be recalled if he or she is absent for three consecutive meetings without justification.

B. Executive Committee

1. An executive committee will be composed of current officers, the immediate Past Chair and current College Senate representatives and one Meet and Confer representative. The executive committee will provide continuity in leadership of Staff Assembly from year to year.

2. The Executive Committee will prepare agendas for all Staff Assembly meetings.

3. The Executive Committee will appoint Staff Assembly representatives to serve on all appropriate college committees and arrange for representation at any appropriate meeting or function.

4. In the event an elected Staff Assembly committee member or senate representative is unable to fulfill the term of his/her position, the Executive Committee will appoint a replacement until the next regular election.

C. Senate Representation

1. Staff Assembly will have eight representatives and two alternates on the College Senate. Terms for Senators are two years in length. Elections are held each April.

2. Senate representatives and alternates will attend Senate meetings and represent the views and welfare of Staff Assembly within the Senate.

3. The alternate will be considered a voting member when a regular Senator is absent.

IV. Meetings

A. Regular monthly meetings or special meetings will be scheduled by the Chair, the Executive Committee, or by a petition signed by ten or more Staff Assembly members. A minimum of six regular meetings will be held each year.

B. Notice of all meetings must be distributed to all Staff Assembly members at least three working days prior to the meeting. Notice of all meetings must specify time, date, place and proposed agenda.

C. Actions to be taken by Staff Assembly will be approved by a simple majority of the voting members present at the meeting. Written proxy ballots will be accepted at the time voting occurs.

D. The Executive Committee will meet at least once between monthly meetings to facilitate the ongoing business of the organization.

E. All business will be transacted in open meeting. However, when necessary to insure free discussion of the Staff Assembly membership, a majority vote of the members present may close the meeting to all those who are not defined as Staff Assembly members in Section II of this constitution.

V. Duties of Staff Assembly

A. Staff Assembly will provide a forum for the discussion of issues that are of interest to the membership.

B. Matters of Staff Assembly policy and procedure will be voted upon by Staff Assembly membership.

C. Staff Assembly will make recommendations to the College Senate, Administration, or other body when appropriate.

D. Ad hoc committees may be formed, if deemed useful, in conducting the business of Staff Assembly or furthering the interests of its members.

E. Senators and committee representatives will report at the regular monthly meeting on their activities. If the representatives cannot make an oral report, a written report will be submitted to the Chair of Staff Assembly three working days prior to the regular meeting.

VI. Amendments

A. Any proposed amendment to the constitution must be submitted in writing to the Staff Assembly membership at least five working days prior to a regularly announced Staff Assembly meeting where the amendment will receive its first reading and discussion.

B. The next regularly announced Staff Assembly meeting will involve a second reading of the amendment proposal, followed by discussion and consideration for approval. Approval by a voting majority is required to accept the proposed amendment.

C. The approved amendment will be promptly forwarded to the College Senate and then to the Board of Trustees for their information.

Adopted March 8, 2001

Updated August, 2012