Staff Assembly Minutes

October 8, 2015
MHS 113

Call to Order: 2:30 pm


Guest Speakers:
Ken Wardinsky – Chief Information Officer – Information Technology; Strategic plan as new CIO
After working at MSU for 19 years, spending eight of those years in Great Falls as the Chief Information Officer and Director of Planning, strategic planning and alignment has become extremely important.

Phase 1 of the strategic plan is to achieve world domination at NIC. While it is humorous, it’s not far off. IT lives in everything that we do here on campus. We need to start looking at IT not only as a department but as a shared partner. The plan and motto is to think ahead.

The IT strategic plan aligns with the missions of the college; Student success, educational excellence, community engagement, stewardship, and diversity. Each one is broken down into objectives for IT to continue to build and foster
relationships and partnerships within all areas of campus. At the end of the day the most important thing is to continue to provide quality service and find ways for employees and students to engage with the help desk.

Chris MartinVice President for Finance and Business AffairsReduction in Force (Rif) Policy
This is not an easy topic to discuss, but everyone should read the RIF policy. There is also a lot of concern because the RIF policy and IO are taking place at the same time, but they are two completely separate things. The RIF policy is generally talked about during financial emergencies, but this is not the case. The college is currently in a good place.

Chris MartinPC Update
It’s been very busy lately. Currently PC is working on policy review. Redesigning America’s Community Colleges is a book they are currently going through and having conversations about recruiting, planning, and cost. PC has spent time discussing the tragedy at UCC. This one hits a little too close to home. UCC is a college that has a very similar makeup to NIC and we have been reminded that we are not immune. Conversations are being had about security, and how to strengthen what NIC has in place.

Josh GittelSenate Report
Inspection of Records was tabled for now, the Alternative Work Schedules passed and the 1st reading of the RIF policy passed. Staff Assembly did not have a lot of input on the RIF policy, so please find time to read over this policy and give some feedback. There are a lot of HR policies that will be coming through in the next meeting.

Jessica GranthamBoard Report
Celebrating Success with Campus Safety and Security. If you have not watched the NIC Emergency Preparedness Video, please do. All board meetings can be viewed online from the NIC/Board website. Try to attend one board meeting this year, more staff support is needed. Shout out to Jeff Davis for attending his first meeting!

Josh Gittel - Foundation Grant Support
The Foundation is currently working on a grant application for mental health and first aid training. This training would teach individuals how to support someone in distress, help them in a crisis and bring awareness to those issues. The grant committee is asking employees to write letters of support for this grant.

Josh GittelRIF Policy Resolution
A poll will be sent out to Staff Assembly with a resolution to present at the October board meeting.

To: Andrea Woempner and Teresa Henderson: Tom Green
I’d like to make a shout out to Andrea Woempner and Teresa Henderson, who went above and beyond helping me this week. They took a good hour going over some wellness benefits that I would have missed out on and I’m very grateful they
went the extra mile.

To: Andrea Woempner and Teresa Henderson: HR
Thanks to Andrea for all the work she put into organizing the Health & Wellness Fair once again. Lots of time went into
recruiting vendors, selecting employee giveaways, and managing the logistics. Thanks to Teresa for helping get everything
pulled together and set up.

Good of the Order:
Jeff DavisAdmissions Office
Day of service is October 10th and volunteers are needed. All volunteers will receive a free t-shirt and lunch so please sign up!

Adjourned: 3:30 pm