Staff Assembly Minutes

April 14, 2016 Meyer Health Science
Building, Room 106

Call to Order: 2:30 pm

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made and seconded for the March 2016 meeting; motion passed unanimously.

Guest Speakers:
Wellness Center – Sarah Garcia and Heather Erikson
The board authorized an $8 million, 30,000–square-foot Wellness and Recreation Center. The cost of the new center will be funded by an additional student fee that was voted on and approved by the students. The purpose of the facility will be education, wellness and recreation. The center will have a rock climbing wall, running track, weight area, multi-activity court, open recreation space, locker rooms, offices, storage and many other amenities. The ground breaking will be held May 4th from 11:00-1:00pm. The center will open August 2017. For additional information you can visit the website at

Advising/Registration - Tami Haft / Kari Hynes
This past year a pilot was implemented to have advising take place prior to students attending OARS. This proved to very beneficial because the students had a much better understanding of what they needed to do with their classes prior to orientation. The major issue was students weren’t able to register for several months and by then the classes they need might be filled. The decision was made to incorporate registration with advising. There have been many meetings to discuss the future of OARS, since registration will no longer be a part of it. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see please email Tami at or Kari at

Student Planning was demoed last summer and has been purchased by the college. Student Planning will essentially replace the registration piece in MyNIC. It’s very visual, and allows students to make an educational plan with their advisor. If students stay on the plan and have above a 2.0 GPA, they can continue to work on their plan. If they drop below a 2.0 GPA, they will have to meet with Advising Services. This program will allow students to be guided through their education to competition.

PC UpdateKen Wardinsky
PC has been discussing how people can be better notified in all events regarding safety and security. President Joe has charged a task force, chaired by Graydon and co-chaired by Lita, to address how we notify students and staff if a student withdraws. Ken is working with Alex on how they can improve the incident reporting system and looking at
how to improve campus security overall. Through the Building the Future Campaign, the Foundation has raised $2.7 of their $5 million dollar goal for the new CTE Facility. St. Maries is really looking to NIC to help with some CTE professional development, so there will be opportunities to expand our CTE offerings. Guided Pathways will be a focus over the next year, and they hope to have it implemented by FY17.Graydon introduced the new Title IV Policy and Procedure, and it should be going through Senate soon.

Information Technology
May 21st and 22nd your email will be shut off because it is being transferred to Office 365. The benefit of this will be that everyone will have five free downloads of Microsoft Office, and your email storage will go from 2G to 50G. With Office
365, everyone will also be getting OneDrive space which will allow for remote access file sharing.

Senate Report - Josh Gittel
Professional Consulting and Prior Felonies were previously tabled, and are ready to come back to Senate. Rayelle
Anderson asked Senate to give a formal approval of the naming opportunities for the Building the Future Campaign. If you have any feedback on policies and procedures contact a senator.

Board ReportTeresa Henderson
Tim Gerlitz spoke about the college’s partnership with Heritage Health to provide health services to students. Holiday Pay Policy 3.02.05, the Head Start Grant and academic calendar years 2025-26 and 2026-27 were approved. The Budget and Reduction in Force Policy were moved to April’s meeting. Chris Martin gave a CTE Facility update. Vice Chair Nilson gave an update on the presidential search process.

Open EnrollmentAndrea Woempner
Open enrollment will be May 2nd – May 24th. Packets will be sent out in a few weeks, and the information will be uploaded to the HR Portal. Open enrollment sessions will also be offered to go into additional detail and answer any questions.

MS Walk, April 23rdCarol Jones
Wellness points can be earned for participating. If you would like additional information,email Jessica Grantham at

Mid-Cycle Evaluation- Karen Ruppel
The Accrediting body will be on campus April 25th and April 26th for the Mid-Cycle Evaluation. The report is available on SharePoint for review. “I’M IN” desk blocks, created by marketing will also be distributed to all departments.

Good of the Order:
Meet and ConferDiana Plum and Lila Tatum
The budget currently includes a one-step pay increase with the remainder of the state mandated 3% to be added to the base. They are discussing a possible increase in PIP & PD funds, developing a parental leave policy, and lowering parking cots for staff and faculty. The committee is also researching another tier of vacation accrual for staff.

Jessica DewittAdmissions Office
The Annual NIC Ponderosa Springs Gold Tournament will be held Friday, May 13th. If you want to participate and create
a team contact Nashea Noble at 769-3312 or

Heather EriksonASNIC / Student Development
ASNIC elections are open through tomorrow at 2:30 pm. Please encourage every student to vote!

Carol JonesBusiness Offices
Staff Assembly Officer Nominations are ongoing through April 22nd. Online voting will begin May 2nd.

Teresa HendersonHuman Recourses
Voting for the Staff Appreciation Awards begins Monday, April 18th and ends Monday, April 29th.

Betsy ConeryCommunication and Fine Arts Division
Check the NICNow for information on several free events coming up!

Shout Outs:
To Kylene Lloyd and Tricia Southard from The ICE grant team                                                                                         Thank you for your “Survey Gizmo” training, support, and service for the ICE grant. You are truly Survey Gizmo Guru’s!

To E-learning Department: Thomas, Lynn, Becky, Chris and others from The ICE grant team
Thank you for always being willing to go above and beyond for anything asked of you and for your unparalleled support of the ICE grant. You are each “Jedi masters” in your fields! Thank you!

Adjourned at 3:30 pm