Staff Assembly Minutes

May 12, 2016
Meyer Health Science Building, Room 106
Call to Order: 2:30 pm

Approval of Minutes:
A motion was made by Tammie Iverson and seconded by Jessica Dewitt for the April 2016 meeting; motion passed unanimously.

New Employee Introductions:
Mandy Wood - Senior Records Specialist in Admissions Office
Teresa Henderson as new Staff Chair

Guest Speakers:
Legislative Update – President Joe Dunlap
Joe Dunlap provided an update on the recent April 27th Board meeting.

  • Re: 2nd reading of riff policy; 2nd reading of budget; approximately 3 % employee pay raise; and no increase in tax & tuition. 
  • Update on the new buildings (CTE building, Student Wellness and Recreation Center).
  • PC restructuring employee vs exempt employees.
  • A committee will meet and address how we deal with crisis situations: Security and Students; Re: how we notify them, defense measures, and decision making. 
  • Budget to Legislative: focus on next year. Recruitment & retention. 
  • Goal to review and update all policy & procedures by fall. 
  • NIC will be sending employee Ken Wardinsky to River City Leadership.

PC Update – President Joe Dunlap
How to build out campus. Procedures & Software. Institutional master plan will be covered in June Board Meeting and presented to Board of Trustees. They will address the parking, pedestrian ways and how to develop and evolve the campus. 

  • Questions:
    Gary: Will the master plan be put on the public site and published? Joe: Yes
    Grant: CTE grand opening-Classes will start in August (building done in July). Ribbon cutting ceremony-September 28 for campus & community.

Senate Report - Josh Gittel
In the last Senate meeting the policy passed re: sexual harassment, prior felonies. Title IX will replace it.
New elected members: Lisa Kellerman Vice Chair - Faculty, Jessica DeWitt - Parliamentarian, Laura Templeman - Corresponding Secretary–Faculty & Josh Gittel – Senate Chair
New business: advisory voted on the naming for the CTE Facility. Senate voted and approved that it would be based on gifts given to build the building. Next meeting is in August.

Board Report - Jessica Grantham
Idaho Business for education. Business community to help steer to meet their needs. Computer programming 12 students down south -240 this year. Business needs this to help push institutions for those degrees needed.
ASNIC & Faculty –presented resolution. Zoning -2nd Board Meeting on Monday. Encouraged everyone to attend at least one board meeting a year to learn and see how our board works.


  • Staff Appreciation Awards Announced - Teresa Henderson
    Dodi Rode -Rising Star Award
    Randy Reader and Ryan Scott-Staff Excellence Award
    Vicki Crosby-Part time Staff Excellence Award

  • Announcement of New Officers – Teresa Henderson
    Suzie Deane -Vice Chair – 3 year term
    Michelle Lewis - Secretary – 1 year term
    Josh Gittel, Jacob Rothrock, Kelly Hopkins, and Tammie Iverson - 4 Senators – 2 year term
    Annette Moore, Rhonda Rohde-2 Senate Alternates - 1 year term

Good of the Order:

  • Jessica Grantham – Senior Accountant - Business Office
    Employee Golf Tournament at Ponderosa Springs is welcoming hecklers – shot gun start @ 2 pm, Friday, May 13th. 

  • Hiedi Schrader -Senior Administrative Assistant - Facilities Operations
    Looking for Ironman volunteers for two events: June 26 (70.3) & August 21, 2016. Contact Hiedi X5992 or email for more information. 

  • Andrea W – Benefits Specialist - Human Resources Office
    A reminder for all employees that the open enrollment deadline is May 24th. Vitality rewards will restart on July 1 for the new year. 

  • Mark Browning – Vice President for Communications and Governmental Relations
    Thanking all staff chairs for their contribution to NIC. 

  • Jessica Grantham – Business Office
    The MS walk will be held April 23rd. There is a 1 mile or 5 mile option. If you would like to join the NIC team and participate in the walk, you can earn 250 vitality points for participating. Please e-mail Jessica at if you have any questions.

Shout Outs
To Sara Fladeland from ICE Healthcare Partnership Team
Sara has secured over 11 million dollars to the college in the three years she has served as Grants Development Manager. It is amazing to think of the impact those grants have on the students, the employees, the college and the community. Sara is the definition of Rock Star. Thank you Sara for always having a smile on your face and grant application on your desktop.

To Holly Frome from DeAnn
Thank you for your consistent smile and helpful approach to serving our students in Advising Services. You’re amazing!

Adjourned at 3:30 pm