Staff Assembly Meeting

September 8, 2016
Meyer Health Science Building, Room 106
Call to Order: 2:30 pm

Approval of Minutes:

No edits. A motion was made and seconded for the June 9, 2106 meeting; motion pass unanimously.

New Employee Introductions:
Library: Laurinda Burch - PT Library Clerk
Becky Meneely - Circulations/Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
Career Services: Peg Getty - Career Development Specialist
Student Accounts: Natalie Keim - Accounts Receivable Accounting Technician
Human Resources: Karen Hubbard/Assistant Director for Human Resources
Security: Chris Ford - Security Officer
Landscaping: Cory See - Landscape Technician
ICE Grant: Sabrina Primmer - Senior Admin Assistant
Health Professions Faculty: Yvette Smith - Dental Hygiene, Micro Lab Tech
Stephanie Bradbury - Pharmacy Technology Program Director/Instructor
Physical Therapist Assistant: Gerri Ann Sokell - Program Director/Instructor
Nichole Piekarski - Division Chair of Health Professions

Guest Speakers:
President Rick MacLennan
Thank you to the NIC College/Staff for making it work so well. A special Thank you to Shannon Exc. Assistant & PC cabinet. 

  • Sharing of President Cabinet Meeting notes on NIC now
  • Mark Browning is leaving and grateful to have had him.


  • In the 2 months you have been here has anything surprised you? Community – Nice and pleasant surprise to be in the area.
  • I am encouraged to find out one more thing that we do as a college that I didn’t know about. It is awesome.
  • What fun things do you like to do? This summer has not been a normal summer but likes to water ski, canoes, snow ski, anything out doors. How tall is the roster and who drives the boat? Elbow touches the water and his wife is the best boat driver. 
  • What were you thinking letting Mark Browning go? Mark has done a great job here @ NIC and wishes him well and supports him in his decision to leave. He believes in success and helps develop it. Encourages Mark on his new position.
  • How many Board Members are up for reelection? 3 members are up for re-election. 
  • Sending out an invitation to meet with him. He has an open door policy.

Gary Stark Update on construction & remodels on campus
Facilities Operations: Painting – exterior, interior Lee Kildow Hall. Replacing furniture in classrooms. New front door that will open automatic.
CTE - huge and exciting project. Opening Sept. 12th for some programs and then grand opening on 28th.
Mac lab – computers. Sim lab – hospital/doctor office environment
ADA Hardware project replacing handles on campus.

PC Update: Mark Browning
PC meeting updates in NIC now. Are you getting the right information? Do you need more or less of something? Cutting of ribbon ceremony cable cutting ideas.
Farewell & Thank you for all the comments.

Senate Report: Josh Gittel
First meeting is on September 15th. Senate will conduct an orientation for new members and discuss how best to involve all constituent groups in the college’s participatory governance process. Trying to get as much feedback as they can.

Board Report - Teresa Henderson
Aero Space Division Chair Pat O’Halloran & CTE Transition Coordinator Evan Moore provided an overview of Aerospace camp this summer. It was a huge success.
VP Chris Martin gave the CTE update. Gave a shout out to staff and faculty. Appreciated KTEC team for offering to help them out.
President report. Had all the PC chime in to give pieces of their reports.
VP Graydon Stanley gave an update on enrollments only down 5.5 percent instead of 6 percent. Dual Enrollment had a huge increase of 8%.
VP Mark Browning reported Cecil summer splash had highest turn out and gave away 5 awarded scholarships for $1000.
Chair Ken Howard mentioned he wanted to review salary structures. Reminder that elections are coming up and to watch the YouTube video on salary structure comments from Board of Trustees, Sept 2016 meeting. Property leases that the college holds were also discussed. CTE Ribbon cutting ceremony is Sept. 28th and the Board Meeting will follow.

Amy Mayer & Erik Fenenbock - IT Tech: New Student Planning module preview/Self-service and how it will impact it as a whole. This new program will go out on Oct. 9th as a forced implication. Students may have questions.

Good of the Order

Adjourned at 3:30 pm