Staff Assembly Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2016
Meyer Health Science Building, Room 106
Call to Order: 2:30 pm

Approval of Minutes:
No edits. A motion was made and seconded for the November 10, 2106 meeting; motion pass unanimously.

New Employee Introductions:
Dan English-Director of Area Agency on Aging


PC Update: Graydon Stanley
Gave us an update on the following topics:
President’s Cabinet: 

  • Formal minutes shared in NICNow and uploaded on team sight. 
  • PC Members will be ringing the bells at the Kroc Center and Salvation Army.
  • Ken Wardinsky with be heading up the New Operations Committee. The committee will be in charge of working at it from a student’s point of view and addressing student needs at NIC.
  • A new Planning Committee led by Sara Garcia was formed.
  • A new Communication Committee led by Stacy Hudson is in the works.
  • Lita Burns chaired the interviews for the Chief Communications and Government Relations Officer. They have four finalists who will participate in an open chair forum next Tuesday. 
  • PC took part in Legislators Tour- NIC hosted reception at the CTE Building in Rathdrum.
  • St ASNIC had a total of 52 children participate in the program this season.
  • Open invite was given to everyone to come to the next Board Meeting- Monday December 12th, at 6 pm.
  • In January a conversation on campus space and joint use of buildings will be discussed in more detail.

Senate Report:
Josh Gittel

  • A First reading will be done on all IT Policy’s presented by Ken Wardinsky at next Senate meeting.
  • A Compensation Committee has been formed to review & align with the current procedure: Facility Professional Development Policy #3.02.20. At this time we are trying to unify it into one policy but with two procedures, one for staff and one for faculty. This committee is not responsible in the salary structure process that is completed within the HR dept.

Guest Speakers:

Chris Martin/ Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs-Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Process

  • There is a push for our budget to support the goals and needs of the college and how they align to our NIC strategy.
  • Encouraged budget conversations throughout the campus and your department to discuss the needs and goals to plan for 2018. This year we are encouraging departments to consider continual needs and one time needs. Support will be given to each dean this year to help in budget planning. Budget development timeline is Jan & Feb and then presenting it to board in March/April. 
  • The state of the college is strong. Please know that we are starting out in a really good place for the New Year. Thank you to everyone at NIC as this takes all of us to make it happen.

Board Report: Teresa Henderson

  • Celebrating success: Outdoor Pursuits, Jacob Rothrock and Fall Sports Program, Al Williams
  • Collaborative Use Facility Site 
  • Second Reading: Revised Head Start Policy Council Bylaws, Criteria for Prioritization of Families Policy, 2016-17 Program Information Report – Passed
  • Todd Banducci was appointed to the KTEC Board, Ken Howard will serve as board liaison to the NIC Foundation Board, Christy Wood and Ken Howard will serve on the collaborative use facility committee.

Committee Reports


I’M In Award: Stacy Hudson
George McAlister

Shout Outs
Holly Moore and Rory Blea

Good of the Order

Adjourned at 3:30 pm