Technical Dual Credit (TDC) / Technical Competency Credit (TCC)

Technical Credit, both TDC and TCC, lead students from high school to technical training, college degrees, and high-demand careers. For those who want a career in two years, technical credits can give students a head start with NIC. By earning college credit, students may finish their chosen degree sooner by applying those credits towards an Associate Degree at North Idaho College. If a four-year degree is in the future, students can apply their TDC or TCC credits to North Idaho College and then transfer to a four-year institution.

With small class sizes and knowledgeable instructors, students get a jump towards their college degree, with all of the support they need to succeed. Not sure if Technical Credit is the right path? Learn more about the program and keep in mind, we are always here to answer your questions.

Technical Competency Credit is intended to give high school students an early start on a college Technical program. High school juniors or seniors may enroll in approved Technical Competency Credit courses taught by instructors at their high schools, which allows them the opportunity to earn North Idaho College Technical credit and move from high school to NIC without having to repeat technical courses. Technical Competency Credit enable students to:

  • Earn college credits at no or low cost while they are still in high school
  • Take advantage of a national and state effort which emphasizes collaboration between high schools and Idaho technical colleges where instructors at both institutions have worked together to design a system in which students can move from high school to college without having to repeat courses
  • Get prepared for careers in high skill, high wage, or high demand occupations in current or emerging professions.

Save Money on Tuition!

Advanced Opportunities funding allows for students to individualize their high school learning plan and get a jump start on their future. The program provides every student attending an Idaho public school an allocation of $4,125.00 to use towards Advanced Opportunities in grades 7-12. These options include dual credit, technical dual credit, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate programs. Get the details.
Please note: Registering at the high school for an NIC class being taught in the high school only puts you on the high school roster. You must apply to be in an NIC class whether it is being taught in the high school, on campus, or online.