Cost of Attendance

Budget Items

In order for the Financial Aid Office to determine your financial aid eligibility, we must first establish what the cost of each budget category will be while attending North Idaho College for an academic year.

All budget items shown are based on nine months and attending 12 credits (full time) per term. Students attending less than full-time credits are eligible for financial aid and their budgets will be adjusted accordingly.

Budget Items Amount: (Example)

Tuition/Fees: $3396
Books/Supplies: $1248
Room/Board: $7560
Transportation: $1206
Personal/Misc: $1512
Academic Year Total: $14922

Notes: The Room/Board, Transportation and Personal/Misc. figures have been taken from an averaged calculation from the Institute for Research on Poverty. This includes figures from the Census Bureau and Health and Human Services poverty thresholds. All students and/or their families are expected to contribute to the cost of their education.

* This budget is based on In-State In-County Residents who live off campus. Other statuses may have a different budget assigned to them.

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