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Vehicle and Repair Policy

If you are interested and can be without your vehicle for some time, please email so we can set up an appointment time. Thank you!

  • Understand that the priority of the program is to provide the most current and viable experiences for our students.

  • Because of our National (NATEF) certification, we can only consider vehicles that are no older than a 2002 model year and applicable to the subject that is currently being taught at the time.

  • As you can imagine, we are flooded with repair requests and because of this, are able to be selective for the student’s benefit. For this reason, requests are not on a first-come, first-served basis. Our priority is to provide the most current and viable lab activities for the student… therefore, our priority is not to save someone money by providing service at a reduced cost.

  • If your request matches the subject matter at this time, is considered a current and viable experience for the students, we will attempt to work you in as the opportunity arises. You normally will have to be ready to respond and have your vehicle available by the next day when an unpredictable opening is revealed, and leave it for an extended time frame. Please arrange for alternate transportation.

  • Please understand that students are required to complete other activities during lab time and are in fact students and not experts. It can be very difficult to predict their progress and therefore we are unable to guarantee a completion time, especially if the repair involves diagnosis. Although we may make an appointment with you to drop the vehicle off, it is possible that we may not start on your vehicle for a day or two. We will contact you when the vehicle is done. We are not fast because we want to be thorough!

  • All parts must be furnished through the school at a 25% markup from our invoice price with applicable sales tax added. Customers are not allowed to furnish their own parts. There is no labor charge, though there is a graduated Shop Charge ranging from $25 to $100 depending on the complexity of the job(s).

    Any profit generated goes into student scholarship fund or toward equipment purchases.

  • Please note that payment must be made before vehicle is released, with cash for the exact amount, personal check or with a credit/debit card.

  • By digitally signing the Automotive Repair Request Application form:

    “It is understood and agreed that all work is performed by students and work is taken for instructional purposes only. The school promises good careful work and thorough inspection before delivery, but assumes no responsibility. All work must be paid for in full before delivery is made. All checks are to be made to North Idaho College. It is further agreed that the owner assumes all responsibility for loss or damage by fire, theft or other causes to his/her property while in the shops of the College premises.”