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George May

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Medical Lab Assistant

Division: Health Professions

Department: Health Professions


B.S., University of Idaho, Microbiology


I am a long time Idaho resident and have enjoyed the local wilderness my entire life. I enjoy camping and ATVs and have 2 daughter and a son. I am a grandpa with 4 grandchildren and returned to college to show my grandkids it can be done. I am currently attending George Washington University to gain a master’s degree in Laboratory Medicine as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, and have a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology degree. I attended North Idaho College in 2014-2016 and excelled at AP, Biology, and Microbiology. I have been tutoring and a Teacher's Assistant for biology for 4 years now, with a focus on AP and Microbiology. I was an INBRE intern at Kootenai Health Microbiology Lab and I worked in Dr. Onesmo Balemba’s lab at University of Idaho as an undergraduate researcher looking into how our microbiota influences enteric neural death, which causes type 2 diabetes (also an INBRE award winning research project). I am currently an adjunct instructor for NIC as an A&P Lab instructor and a tutor in the Cardinal Learning Commons, leading study groups in AP 227, AP 228, and Micro 250.

Currently attending George Washington University for Master in Laboratory Medicine

Literature Research Publication/Proposal:
In progress - Current Bacteriophage Treatment Theory, The Effectiveness of Bacteriophage Treatment Against the Growing Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Threat

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho 2016 to 2018
Minor/Emphasis in Pre-Health Studies

Lab Research Publication:
May, George, Nayvor, Yvonne, Balemba, Dr. Onesmo. 2017. “Effects of the Gut Microbiota on Diabetic Enteric Neuropathy”. Poster Presentation at Idaho State INBRE Research Conference.

Nayvor, Yvonne, et al, Balemba, Dr. Onesmo. 2018, “Intestinal nerve cell injury occurs prior to insulin resistance in female mice ingesting a high-fat diet”
Nayvor, Yvonne, et al, Balemba, Dr. Onesmo. 2018, "Intestinal luminal contents from mice fed high fat diet impair intestinal motility by injuring enteric neurons and smooth muscle cells"

North Idaho College, 2014-1016
Emphasis in Pre-Health Professions

Lab Research Publication:
May, George 2017 “Contamination of Multi-User Computer Equipment in Libraries by E. coli, Pseudomonas, MRSA, and GAS” Award winning Poster Presentation Idaho State Research Conference.