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Matthew Petersen

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Assistant Professor - Physics
Primary Phone: (208) 676-7143
Secondary Phone: (801) 573-0103

Division: Natural Sciences

Department: Physical Science (was Physics)

Location: Coeur d' Alene Campus
Building: Seiter Hall (STR)
Room: 304


B.S., University of Idaho, Chemistry

B.S., University of Idaho, Mathematics

Ph.D., University of Utah, Physical Chemistry


Dr. Matt K. Petersen's research career focused on computer modeling of all-atom and coarse grained simulations of condensed phase systems. His research has been conducted in several labs - The Henry Eyring Center for Theoretical Chemistry, The University of Utah Center for Biophysical Modeling, The Center for Integrated Nanotechnology at Sandia National Labs, and The Chicago Center for Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Chicago. In 2013 Matt retired from research and began teaching mathematics at North Idaho College. After several years of occasionally handling Physics overload, Matt moved to Physics full time in 2022.


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