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Employee of the Month

Katrina Bjorkman
Katrina Bjorkman

Senior Administrative Assistant - Molstead Library

"I am writing to enthusiastically nominate Katrina Bjorkman for the prestigious Sterling Silver Award. Katrina has consistently exhibited exceptional dedication, hard work and outstanding qualities that make her an ideal candidate for this recognition. Katrina possesses a remarkable work ethic that serves as an inspiration to the entire library staff. She consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty, approaching her responsibilities with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. Whether it's meeting deadlines, taking on additional tasks, or leading by example, Katrina consistently delivers with the utmost professionalism and determination. One of the key reasons I believe Katrina is deserving of this award is her exceptional ability to fill in for others. There have been so many changes and vacant positions in the Molstead Library. Katrina has proven time and again to be a reliable and versatile team member, always willing to step in and support the library and North Idaho College. This adaptability has had a significant impact on our team's ability to maintain productivity and ensures that the library operates smoothly, even during challenging times. Customer service is another area where Katrina shines. She consistently goes the extra mile to ensure our library patrons have a positive experience. Her friendly, attentive and patient approach is a testament to her dedication to the students, faculty and staff of North Idaho College. I believe that recognizing Katrina Bjorkman as the Sterling Silver Award employee of the month, is not only well-deserved but also serves as an acknowledgment of her dedication and a source of inspiration for the entire team. Katrina consistently embodies the qualities and attributes that we value at North Idaho College. I kindly request that you consider Katrina Bjorkman for the Sterling Silver Award. She has consistently demonstrated her commitment and has made a lasting impact on our team and NIC as a whole." - Thomas Scott, Director - eLearning

"Katrina has been invaluable in keeping the library running and open. She has willingly taken on additional responsibilities as many staff have left the library in the recent months. Her commitment to students is unparalleled. She was key to ensuring we provided a strong traditional Night at the Library event. Due to her efforts, the event was not only a success but had record attendance. I have often seen her volunteering at extra events such as babysitting for the Center for New Direction event and hosting a table at the 90th anniversary celebration. Katrina is positive, helpful, generous, organized and so much more. We are lucky to have her as an employee." - Sherry Simkins, Dean of Instruction - Transfer and General Education

"While I am new to the library crew, I can sincerely say that Katrina is an outstanding administrative assistant! It is obvious that she knows her job well and executes every task in an efficient, highly professional manner. Katrina is always friendly, positive, and helpful. She has certainly made me feel welcome and supported. She is most deserving of this award. " - Liza Wilcox, Associate Professor - English

"Katrina Bjorkman is the glue that holds Molstead Library together! We started working here together within one week of each other, and over time, we grew into close friends. Katrina always strives to make the library a positive and welcoming environment. She has mastered our Night at the Library event, putting in countless hours and coming up with endless ideas on how to make it the great success it always is. She is incredibly organized, friendly, and upbeat. I've yet to see her shrink away from a challenge, and it has been such an honor to work with her! I hope you consider making her this month's Sterling Silver Award!" - Brooke Horton, Circulation/ILL Supervisor - Molstead Library