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NIC Facts and Information

North Idaho College has received a variety of communications and requests for information in the past months. In an effort to be both transparent and efficient, the college has decided to post accurate information for all to access.

The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) evaluates all member institutions based on criteria that the NWCCU calls Standards and Eligibility Requirements. North Idaho College has compiled an abridged version of the NWCCU's Standards and Eligibility Requirements, including the areas of risk identified by the NWCCU, as a reference guide for our community. See the NIC’s Quick Reference Guide.

The full version of each can be found on the NWCCU's website. See the NWCCU Standards and the NWCCU Eligibility Requirements.

North Idaho STEM Charter Academy sent NIC a letter Thursday, March 16 after a recent meeting with NIC President Nick Swayne.

STEM Charter Academy administrators emphasized the importance of NIC programs and offerings for their students, as well as their appreciation for faculty who have continued to deliver quality instruction throughout governance and leadership concerns.

"(President Swayne) made it clear that you are committed to protect and preserve these pathways moving forward. We are hopeful that NIC will take the specific necessary steps outlined in the Show Cause letter from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) to make to make that happen. Our students and community are counting on it."

Read the full letter here: STEM Charter Academy March 16 Letter to NIC

Lakeland Joint School District Board of Trustees asked district administration to research alternative dual credit opportunities for their students in the case that NIC receives an adverse decision regarding accreditation from the NWCCU. As of posting, NIC remains accredited by the NWCCU as the college works with the accrediting body through the show cause process. Below is the statement Lakeland Joint School District Superintendent Lisa Arnold distributed to families regarding the topic:

The Lakeland Joint School District Leadership Team and the (LJSD) Board of Trustees are aware of the article that was in the Coeur d'Alene Press this week regarding our dual credit program. We would like to provide some clarification.

It is our hope that North Idaho College will continue to be fully accredited. The Lakeland Joint School District Board of Trustees asked me to do some research regarding alternate dual credit possibilities should NIC lose its accreditation. I have done that work and we will be able to move our dual credit program should the need arise.

At this time, the (LJSD) Board of Trustees has not taken any action to make changes to this program.

We will continue to do our due diligence in staying abreast of the situation and will take the necessary steps to safeguard our dual credit students.

The NWCCU sent a letter to North Idaho College at the end of the day on Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 4:42 p.m. PST.

The letter sent may be viewed here:

NIC responded to multiple public records requests earlier in the day stating that no new letters had been received. The information has since been updated here and on the Accreditation page.

NIC hired interim leaders from 2021 to 2023 to assist the college and to help staff the President's Executive Cabinet. Find position and salary information about current and past Executive Cabinet leaders here:

Executive Cabinet Salary and Compensation FY23