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Multiple Start Dates


Classes that match your life

Multiple start dates allow you to take classes that match your unique life schedule.

Need to finish a course quickly? Register for an accelerated Short Term class. Can’t make the semester start date? Don’t worry, there are many Late Start options.

Balance work, family and life commitments while making college work.

Accelerated Course Schedule

Choose from various 8-week and 12-week accelerated courses. These compressed classes allow you to take a normal 16-week course in a reduced amount of time.

8-week courses


12-week Courses


Start Dates for Fall 2023- Spring 2024

  • Fall 2023
    • August 21
    • September 18
    • October 16
  • Spring 2024
    • January 8
    • February 5
    • March 4
  • Summer 2024
    • June 3

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Contact Cardinal Central at (208) 769-3311.



Important Note: These FAQs apply to general situations only; circumstances may vary. The NIC Financial Aid Office strongly recommends contacting Cardinal Central to receive information about your specific financial aid situation.

Yes, however, your financial aid eligibility may change based on your actual date of registration. Please contact Cardinal Central for information about your specific situation.

Only classes added to your schedule before your original Pell Recalculation Date (same day as the 100% refund and final day to drop classes without a grade of 'W') will be included in Pell Grant eligibility. Please see the college calendar for this date.

Attendance confirmation in each class is required before the Pell Grant can be disbursed. If you have a full-term class and an accelerated class, a portion of your Pell Grant will be released after attendance is confirmed for the full-term class, and the remaining amount will be held until your accelerated class begins and attendance has been confirmed. If you have multiple course start dates, please contact Cardinal Central to inquire about your disbursement dates.

Please contact Cardinal Central before withdrawing from a class to get information about your specific situation. We will evaluate how a withdraw (grade of 'W') will impact your financial aid eligibility, if money is owed back to NIC, how it will affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and other factors to help you make an informed decision.

You will receive financial aid based on the number of eligible credits you take each semester. The length of the class is not a factor in determining your eligibility.

Not necessarily. Grant funding is determined based on eligible registered credits and individual eligibility. Student loan funding requires a minimum of six eligible credits.

Each class will have a specific drop-by date in which you can remove the class from your schedule without impacting your academic record or incurring a charge. Please see the college calendar for these dates.

There are multiple SAP appeal deadlines for each class schedule (16wk, 12wk, 8wk). Please see the college calendar for these dates.

Each student's eligibility is unique; please contact Cardinal Central to inquire about your specific situation.